PSG: “I want France to train Zidane in a big club in France,” Emmanuel Macron declares.

In an interview aired on RMC on June 8th this year, Emmanuel Macron talked about sports. A fan of Olympique de Marseille, he first raised the possibility of Zinedine Zidane joining the PSG bench. In any case, he hopes the 1998 World Champion will come and continue his coaching career in France. “I didn’t talk to Zinedine Zidane,” said the President of the Republic. But I have a lot of praise for him, players and coaches. We really want this talented athlete and coach who was able to regain the three major cups we crave for the club at the French Championships. I hope he will come back and train a big French club under the influence of the French Championship. That is wonderful. France is a great country for sports and football, and it’s my role to say that there are great spectators who love this sport. What is important to us is that the best we have trained and sometimes the internationally shining ones can come back. »»

“I was able to talk to Kylian Mbappe.”

Regarding Kylian Mbappe, the president confirmed that the PSG striker had spoken with him for a long time before deciding to advance to Paris. He showed it, he is very mature and he has a lot of responsibility to build his career and his commitment. »»

Two weeks after the violence in Stade de France, a bystander of the Champions League final, Emmanuel Macron added: “I think transparency is very important. We have to do, and we can all improve. This is what the Minister of Sport, the Minister of Interior and the Prime Minister do. Report Has been created and in collaboration with the Union of European Football Associations UEFA to bring out all the results of what we have experienced now. More generally, this is a lesson we want to draw from everything we have experienced recently and in recent years. Sport is the body and It’s a great area for the heart. You need to get rid of the criticism and violence from sports. It’s clear that you need to be prepared for major events so that there is no place to commit violence outside or inside the stadium. To say that speech, racial discrimination and homosexual dislike do not exist in the stadium, it must be out of control in professional and amateur sports. None. A very important job with the Union is hand. Being unbearable, strict, preventing with clubs and supporters, training supporters, changing spirits »»

“When you love sports, you love the discipline that accompanies it.”

The President of the Republic continues: “From an early age, when we love sports in schools, sports clubs and federations, we have to say that we love the discipline that accompanies it. When we scream, when we are violent, when we insult, We don’t like sports when we make racist, anti-Jewish, or homosexual and aversive statements. This is not the value of sports. The value of sports respects referees and makes opponents Respect, know how to play with teammates in group sports, and have a group discipline in individual disciplines like judo. It’s a sport and nothing else. Sometimes we have rituals and customs. I lost it in view of what we were tolerating. No. Everyone involved in sports must help us no longer tolerate it. No. We are out of control, we are all responsible, and we have different education. »»