PSG validates the title of the expected non-passionate champion

Lionel Messi, Neymar and Parisian won PSG's 10th French Championship title against Lens at the Parc des Princes on Saturday, April 23rd.

Paris is a party, but sometimes the party is sad and guests are not willing to toast. On Saturday, April 23, Paris Saint-Germain confirmed the title of French champion despite a draw to Lens (1-1) at 34.When League 1 day. This is 10When At the coronation, PSG joined AS Saint-Etienne at the top of French football, but statistics have cooled some of the general public at Parc des Princes.

Lionel Messi’s Great Opener (68)When), But Lensois – reduced to 10 – Corentin Jean (89)When) And immediately lower the beginning of the atmosphere. As expected, the corner of Autuille, where the club’s Ultras gather, greeted the news with a mixture of indifference and rebellion.

“We try to have fun, but it’s a shame without supporters.” Let go of the frustrating captain Marquinhos with a Canal + mic. Messi, he had already gone to the changing room. Let’s move on. There is nothing to celebrate, at least not outside the stadium. Friday night in press releaseCollectif Ultras Paris (CUP) has proposed a counterparty to its members to leave the Auteuil tribune. “From 75When Minutes if the score is us [était] preferable”.

In a unique way, CUP has been in conflict with PSG management for several weeks, responding to Mauricio Pochettino’s request not to underestimate the value of this champion title. “” Winning a national title is worth it. Because if you don’t get it, it’s a big problem. I developed an Argentine coach a few hours ago at a press conference.

PSG has a history of 1986 and 1994. They are the first to keep this rarity taste for clubs who love cups and are angry with the concept of continuous control needed for the 38-day championship. However, since 2011 and the beginning of the Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) era, Parisians have lifted France eight times.

The title of French champion is not so bad for clubs with nationally disproportionate means.In my heart Many of its supporters. However, as in 2012, there was an “accident” with Montpellier against President Louis Nicollin, who was painted orange and blue and discolored. Five years later, the time of weightless Monaco, led by barely legal Kylian Mbappe, has arrived. A year ago, realistic reels broke logic.

This season, competition was too weak or inconsistent to maintain suspense similarity. Marseille never exceeded second place, and despite having the best match in the championship, Renne had too many air holes. Monaco woke up too late and Lyon remained a mirage until the end.

“Mountain of Stars”, “Rhythm of Senators”

In short, PSG didn’t have to force their talents and they didn’t really try. Mbappe’s (22 goals and 14 assists) is often sufficient, and that of a team without identity or strength that can connect four draws (often happy) in five games from December to January is a rug. I put dust underneath. “We are looking for a game identity between the player and the talent we have.”Was acknowledged in a subsequent interview team Mauricio Pochettino.

At that time, the technician finally found pied-à-terre at 8When The district one year after the hotel. Having finished his life at Michel Polnareff, he gave the impression that he was no longer engaged in that role. The former defender sought more generosity from his men in order to establish his authority.Black and incredible look from Lionel Messi – replaced at the end of the match against Lyon during 6When Sun – permanently discouraged him from opposing the laws and privileges of the labor force built on them.

“Am I still a coach, a sports politician, a sports minister?», His predecessor, Thomas Tuchel, wondered. Three days later, the Germans were fired. Pochettino isn’t there yet, but his fate seems to have been decided after losing to Real Madrid on the Champions League knockout stage, and the name of Italy’s Antonio Conte is already persistently widespread.

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Most people have already forgotten that PSG has advanced to one-third in Real before they are unlikely to fall due to the mistake of goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnaruma. With a little lead, PSG finished the season at Bernabeu Stadium on March 9th. A few days later, Messi and Neymar whistled in the corner of Autuille when they received Bordeaux. Beyond their people and current levels of play, the target was the club’s sports strategy (or rather marketing by Ultras).

At the same time, CUP released Nasser Alkeraifi. The president was willing to support the return of Ultras to the park.If you are absent too often, Qatar will no longer exist “Man at work” And CUP lamented “Mountain of stars”, “Rhythm of the Senator” In the championship.

The title was celebrated against Mets on May 21st

PSG, which had already been eliminated at the Coupe de France, was looking for meaning at the end of the season. Supporters requested time to play for the children from the academy, but Pochettino gave Edouard Michu and Xavi Simons bread crumbs. Kylian Mbappe has always maintained his statistics and has since maintained his desire to extend his contract.

With some indifference, Paris modified Lorient (5-1), Cremont (6-0) and Angers (3-0). This was basically only when the team strengthened the idea of ​​being strong against the weak and sang to him. Neymar was able to get a glimpse of his talent, which is said to be already declining.From Doha’s point of view, it turned out that he didn’t have an account (500 million euros were invested in him in five years), and the Brazilians were frustrated when they confessed their desire for America and MLS to Twitch. “Where you have a three or four month vacation.”

He and his teammates are not officially yet. But it’s already the same as the last four days as a pot at the end of the season. Their management has decided to wait until May 21st and the final FC Metz reception to officially celebrate their championship. On the celebration side, it’s always better than the ninth title won at the center of the Covid-19 pandemic on April 30, 2020, after receiving a press release from LFP and formalizing the premature end of the season. .. But because of passion and enthusiasm, we will probably be back.