Rafael Nadal plays in the Indian Wells Final after defeating Carlos Alcaraz

The match passed and Rafael Nadal is still undefeated. Since the start of the season, the Spaniards have simply removed the word defeat from his calendar. In the final of the Indian Wells Masters 1000, he won his 20th victory at almost 36, the best start of his career season (he played Taylor Fritz in his fourth title after Melbourne, Australia). Masu) Open and Acapulco). Although everything has already been said about Nadal’s personality, hatred for defeat, and physical resilience, Manacor’s children continue to impress and write his legend after each match. And this semi-final dispute against Carlos Alcaraz clearly brings the stone to the building.

There was nothing easy for Nadal during the 3:10 battle with his brother. Their first meeting was directed to the correction in Madrid (6-1, 6-2), the 18th day of Alcaraz last May. But as the child has progressed since then, this turmoil seems to have already come from another time. We have already ranked in the top 20 and stepped on our opponents to advance to the semi-finals. And from the first exchange, it turned out that he was going to do the same thing that the poster was on the wall of his child’s bedroom. After the perfect first match, Alcaraz took a break. He looked behind and Nadal suddenly saw his age. “He was playing very well at first and it was difficult to compete with him. But from 2-0 I started playing well and he made a mistake.Analyzed Nadal after the match.

Nadal overcame the storm on the first set

However, the fire made Alcaraz a little too aggressive. He was looking too much for the line in exchange and his service was terribly lacking in the first serve (53% of this set). Nadal had the good idea of ​​letting the storm pass and turning his back before entering the game in turn. He started by erasing the late break and then took advantage of the opponent’s service to break 4-2. After the fanfare began, the intensity of the meeting plummeted. Alcaraz, who played upside down and lost the relaxation that had been carrying him since the start of the tournament. Nadal effect, probably. As soon as the ball got a little shorter, the punishment didn’t last long. He managed to save four setpoints, but there were too many fifth setpoints disturbed by the wind. Nadal took the lead.

Alcaraz in the wind

After that, the match was scheduled to fall into Dantesque. Not in terms of games, but in terms of weather conditions. The wind was definitely invited through the second as it was already present at the end of the second set. And it goes without saying that he had a good time. Towels flew, net posts fell … Holding the ball on the court became more and more complicated. Curiously, Nadal was the most frustrating in these situations. I saw him ask the manager if he needed to end the match. “In the second set, playing under these conditions wasn’t really fun. I like the challenge, but there … it wasn’t possible, everything was complicated. Even at the baseline. Even on the net, it was impossible to control the ball. “, Nadal who regretted. In 4-4, the two men challenged a long match of more than 20 minutes. Alcaraz missed his seventh chance. After a set filled with unforced errors, Alcaraz then came out by equalizing with one set everywhere.

Nadal, paying aggression

Fortunately, the wind suddenly weakened at the start of the third set, including fans of beautiful games. I was able to resume the real show. Nadal was still suffering from a serve that only scored a few points, but tore himself to save three breakpoints in a game that lasted more than 12 minutes (3-2). We saw him go online more and more. His success was less than usual, but he was still doing amazing things. “When the wind weakened, he would, so I knew I had to be aggressive.”Nadal explained. Re-hurried, Alcaraz terribly negotiated the service game, which Nadal used to make the only break in this third set, synonymous with winning the Indian Wells and the fifth final.