Rally around the world against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, from Paris to Tokyo

Thousands of demonstrators in many countries protested the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, in Berlin, Paris, and even Prague and Warsaw. More than 1,500 people have been arrested in several Russian cities.

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In front of the Russian embassy in Berlin, the demonstrator is holding the following sign. “Stop this madness and save your life. There is no lie anymore.” Many others wear Ukrainian colors.

“Everyone should come here today to support Ukraine and stop the war.”, AFP Olga Kupricina, 32, is from Kaliningrad and has been living in Germany since October. The Ukrainians attended another Berlin rally at the foot of the mythical Brandenburg Gate and also in Munich, in the south of the country.

In Paris, hundreds of people also gathered in front of the Russian embassy. Among them were candidates for the April presidential election, including ecologist Janic Jadot and former minister Christiane Taubila.

Hundreds of people had already gathered in front of the Russian embassy in Paris on Thursday noon. “We are here to help Ukrainian citizens, those who are still there.”Said 42-year-old Franco Ukrainian Teresa Boitanovska.

The rally was also held in major cities in France. In Marseille (south), a sister city of Odessa in Ukraine, about 50 Ukrainians and several elected officials have accused Russia of invading.

They were 150 in Rennes, but 100 in Strasbourg also demonstrated behind a big banner. “We are standing with Ukraine” (We are with Ukraine).In the city of Alsace, three buildings, including the city hall, are illuminated in Ukrainian colors “To show solidarity with the Ukrainian people”..

Thousands of people demonstrated in major cities in Georgia, the scene of Russia’s intervention in 2008. “Putin attacked not only Ukraine today and Georgia a few years ago, but the idea of ​​freedom itself.”Believes in Tbilisi Keti Tavartkiladze, a 61-year-old math teacher.

In Prague, where Russian tanks intervened in 1968, thousands demonstrated at Wenceslas Square and then marched to the Russian embassy with a large portrait of Hitler and Putin.

In Warsaw, a country bordering Ukraine, demonstrators burned the Russian flag in front of the Russian embassy. The rally was held in parallel with Beirut in Tokyo. In Dublin, The Hague and Amsterdam, hundreds of people attended the rally on Thursday in front of the Russian representative.

In Istanbul, about 40 people gathered in front of the Russian Consulate on Thursday morning to sing the national anthem of Ukraine and put up a portrait of the Russian President with a bloody face.