RATP strike: One-third of bus routes stop and trams idle on Friday

Be careful if you need to take a bus or tram on Friday in Greater Paris. The routes operated by RATP will be greatly disrupted by social movements. Management released the first traffic quote on Wednesday, which will be refined on Thursday. On the Metro and RER networks, traffic is normal on Fridays, except that “slight” disruptions are expected on Lines 2, 7, 8, 9, and 13. On the other hand, the bus and tram circulation is very confusing. ..

Traffic forecast

Trams do not operate on the T8, which connects Saint-Denis-Porto de Paris (93) with the University of Villetaneuse and Epinay-surmont. On lines T1, T2, T3a, T3b, T6, T5 and T7, one of two or three trams runs on Friday, but some lines only run during peak hours. “The exact information will be created tomorrow Thursday,” says RATP.

On the bus network, RATP announces that “30% of the lines have been interrupted.” On the open line, “on average, one of the two buses, depending on the sector.” Again, “The exact information will be created tomorrow Thursday.”

Machinists were worried about opening up to competition

The 16,000 RATP machinists, 1,000 of whom are assigned to trams, are worried about the consequences of the openness to competition that will take effect in January 2025. “We condemn the liquidation of working conditions and the dismantling of RATP. Declares Cemil Kaygisiz, Executive Director of the CGTRATP Bus. For us, the entire project, and the increase in working hours is unacceptable.”

For over a year, the board and trade union management have negotiated future working conditions that apply within the framework of competition. The issue of mechanic working hours is at the heart of the debate about the future “regionalized social framework” (CST). The new contract requires the designation of the well-known “social backpack,” a device that provides warranty to employees changing employers. With the exception of CGT RATP, UNSA, FO, SAT and CFDT, these future changes represent a “social recession”.

“We will lose what the ancients fought. Specifically, management will give us more than 190 hours a year, reduced six days of vacation, and cut in half, including Saturday. We are asking for more, “explains Cemil Kaygisiz. Faced with competing offers from operators such as Keolis and Transdev, the “productivity” effort, which is to strengthen the “competitiveness” of the board, opens up the right to compensation in terms of compensation. Therefore, the management promises. Negotiations between the union and RATP managers are ongoing and need to be completed in the spring.

“The CST acts as an intermediary between what is stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement for urban transport and the current regulations governing the working hours of RATP staff,” said Jean Agulhon, Group’s HRD. The goal of the negotiations is to “get as close as possible without reaching” the working conditions provided by the CST. About 40 meetings have already taken place and “we should reach an agreement in April,” HRD explained.

The latter needs to come into effect on July 1 for RATP to work to win bid calls through its subsidiary CAP Ile-de-France in and around the 12 parcels of the Paris bus market. I have.

12 lots open to competition

The opening to competition for the 12 “lots” that correspond to the historic range of RATP buses is still in its infancy. But elsewhere, in Ile de France, several networks have been awarded following the bid call. And that wouldn’t have happened without social unrest. At the end of September 2021, the transfer between the bosses of the suburban bus network caused weeks of strikes, especially in Transdev’s Seine-et-Marne. Following these moves, the transport authority, Île-de-France Mobilités, has adapted the bid call specifications. “Social standards” have become more important in the selection of candidates to be retained.

Purchasing power claim

Friday strikes are supported by CGT RATP and FO. These require all RATP agents to quit their jobs to get a general salary increase. “Good treasury has no benefit to agents whose index point values ​​are still frozen. Index points that also serve as the basis for calculating other factors in our rewards are President Catherine Roward. In a letter to CGTRATP representative Bartland Hammash. As a result, agents are steadily declining purchasing power. Today, RATP’s economic and financial indicators are green. Agents are them. There is an increasing tendency to not accept that the budget is in the red and to induce anxiety about openness to competition and serious transformation of the company.