RC Narbonne: “There is no rugby stadium”, President’s dry report

At a press conference announcing leaving the club at the end of the season this Tuesday afternoon, the RCN president mentioned the Park of Sports and Friendship. Very bitter result.

Food trucks, snacks, storefronts, dressing rooms … that’s all that RC Narbonne’s president would have liked for a park of sports and friendship on match day. For the current three years, the five presidents have never succeeded in achieving this goal or persuading locally elected officials.Away, only once, during the derby against 1 Bezierer Last April. Confirmation of failure at this level. “There is the problem of lack of awareness of current rugby.Reminiscent of general manager Jack Basque. The community helps us, but there is an entire economic environment that does not exist in Narbonne. The love for jerseys that serve as a reference for the past is no longer sufficient. “

Indeed, today, most emerging clubs in Pro D2 are teams that don’t necessarily have a very big story behind them: Nevers, Provence Rugby, Vans … but those high-level sports facilities. Thanks to the higher quality receptors, the results are there. “When we move and talk to the president, they are clear and clear. No bar, no acceptance, no changing room, without it they wouldn’t go thereGuarantee Gilles Belzons. At Montpellier, Mr. Altrad has created a system that will bring you beer when you order beer from your mobile phone at the stand. What looks very surreal in Narbonne. Especially when Mayor Didier Morley declared in January 2021. “I am convinced that receptivity is not a condition for an athlete to succeed.” But it allows the club to live. For example, Narbonne Volley has brought the European title League A to his pocket since his passage in the arena …

“Have you ever seen someone jogging at the stadium on match day?”

Last year, staff member Patrick Peserie-Laurent Baru, who promoted Racing to Pro D2, left the club as follows: “Lack of tools” Evolve. With the exception of stadium lighting (imposed by league specs), it’s clear that nothing has changed this season yet. The lodge planned for the beginning of 2023 will only be in the 2023-2024 season. “Best case”According to Philippe Campos. “Lodges are a necessity, but it’s not the lodges that stabilize the club’s economy.I remember Mark Delpu. This is a very important part and the signal that is transmitted. The club has additional tools for the 2023-2024 season. Except today, all other clubs have already taken additional steps. Yes, the box blows fresh air into the club. But you have to trigger something else behind it. “.. “To this day, this stadium is exactly the same as when I was playing.”Memo, he, Gilles Belzons.

Today, Sports & Friendship Park is a publicly available complex. A place where you can come and go as you like, which the city hall wants to keep. “Have you ever seen someone jogging at the stadium on match day?Ironically, Belzons. We are rational. We are doing what we can in a city of 60,000 inhabitants. We are doing what is happening at Aurillac in Mont-de-Marsan … “

Now let’s see how things go at this level. With a new direction, a new beginning? Or, too often, stagnation or even frustration.