“Reader’s Subject”: Close-up of four Yonne Triathlon clubs with very different characters

Every month, the “Reader’s Topic” was inspired by Internet users who asked us to put the spotlight on triathlon.

Yonne has the peculiarity of not having a divisional triathlon committee, but there are still four clubs that are members of the French Federation. Despite the image of elitism, time-consuming and costly sport (not necessarily robbed), triathlons are evolving and practiced in all forms on the territory of Ikaun. A close-up of these four clubs with very different characters.

Meaning triathlon

With 126 members, including a triathlon school consisting of 35 children aged 8 to 17, Sens Triathlon is the largest club in Yonne.

“At Sens, competition is important. Youth and adults can measure the progress of everyone, but it’s not the goal in itself. It’s important for us that people make their sport higher. It’s a real social relationship, “explains Ludovic Duhautoy.

However, a rare event for the club, Garence Escudié-Maggi was ranked 53rd in the French Junior Duathlon Championship on May 8.

Sens holds two competitions. A triathlon on July 14th, which begins in the city center of Sens, and a bike and run that usually takes place at the Platine Chamberland in early December. “The essence of the club is around the triathlon, even if it’s a RAID team, a bike and a run, a swim run. We’re everywhere, but triathlon is still a flagship area,” Ludovic Duhautoy adds. increase.

premium The Sens Triathlon Club is confidently planning for next season


Triathlon, yes, but in the middle of nature. This is a bit like the DNA of 74 members of Vert2Chablis (55 in triathlon, remaining in Ufolep cycling).

“We wanted to create a club that wouldn’t label athletes. We just have sportsman qualifications,” explains President Pierrick Maire. That’s why we have people who touch everything and are working on all areas little by little. Not necessarily a pure backpacker triathlon, you will encounter cross triathlon events, mountain bike raids, this kind of natural type event and chain event. “

Vert2Chablis, in particular, sent several athletes to the Xterra World Championships (white water, mountain biking, trail running). The club will host the Chablis Cross Duathlon on July 10th. Cross, mountain bike, cross.

Chabris doesn’t have a triathlon school, but like Maxim Coquille, the club leader in terms of competition with Lelia Le Moss, they are all but promising young people.

AJ Auxerre Triathlon

Of the 60 AJA triathlon licensees, 33 are new. “Overall, we are more or less damaged by other sports, but there are already two areas,” emphasizes Stephen Duval, a young co-chairman with Antonio Ribeiro. “Clubs are a more friendly, family, leisure and road approach. We always end up in the bottom 25 percent of the rankings!”

“One of our goals was to remove this” elite “label a bit,” Gaëlle Breton adds.

However, AJA, promoted by competitors such as Numa Loury and David Corberand, doubles friendly behaviour. Partnership with the AJA Marathon, Calling for Newcomers to Donate Bikes, Annual Club Outings, Ascension Weekend to Alpe d’Huez, Meeting with Licensee on the First Sunday of Every Month, Creating a Welcome Booklet …

“We are in the process of establishing a triathlon school that is not properly labeled. We have two young people aged 12 and 13 and seven teenagers aged 16-18. Primarily. “I’m a girl,” continues Stéphane Duval. The club will also hold the tournament again.

Marion Besset, her Iron Man finisher in favor of Leonie: “I have no words, you have to live it.”

Mijanne Triathlon

The colors of the Mijanne triathlon are especially currently seen on trails and are worn by President Katia Doisy, Henri Pichon and Marcos Godines …

“For two years, the health crisis has shaken everything a bit. We are back,” admits club secretary Florence Bunnon.

About 25 licensees are primarily long-time members. “It’s pretty friendly and family friendly. We’re a little older club and the majority of people are veterans. We don’t bow. We have a nice little club than a big club. I like it. One crosses the road and says hello. There everyone gets over it. “

The association is historic: for a long time it organized the Mijanne Triathlon, and in recent years it runs on bicycles and La Roche-Saint-Sidroin. She also plans to reopen the organization. “We’re looking at the project. I don’t think we’ll do the same again. We’re looking for a trail … then you’re in the right place and too many I need a place without roads because you need a lot of flaggers to see, “his secretary continues.

2018; Mijanne’s first “Bike and Run” sponsored by the Mijanne Triathlon

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