Reader’s Topic: Do you need an Auxerrois nautical base for sailing, boating, jet skiing, water skiing and canoeing?

Every month, the “Reader’s Topic” was inspired by internet users who asked us this: “In Auxerrois for water bodies for sailing, jet skiing and kayaking in connection with land development projects. What is a viable project for?

The 2021-2031 territory project of the Auxerrois community is reminiscent of the “Gurzy Leisure Center”, which includes a “100 hectare lake dedicated to water sports”. But are the Yonne sports committees and clubs involved interested in such tools? answer.


Andre Twilac, chairman of the Yonne Voyage Commission, did not object to the idea of ​​developing his discipline in Auxerrois.

“Yes, that’s a good thing. Yonne has only two clubs, Saint Phalleaux and Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. Previously there were four clubs, including one in Auxerre. He practiced in Monéteau and then Gurgy. . “

However, the location should be carefully chosen according to disciplinary constraints. “If necessary, a large sandbox leads to André Tuilac, because the Yonne River is not wide. All nautical bases in Bourgogne-Franche-Conte are usually located in some sandpits of Villeneuve-sur. . Yonne, Sharon and Macon on the Saône. We also need a building to protect the equipment to accommodate the people. “

Not just a support club to put it all in music. “That’s another thing!” Whispers the chairman.

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To answer the question, Jean-Luc Popert, Chairman of the Canoe and Kayak Commission in Yonne, gives the voice to Pascal Guar, President of the Canoe and Kayak Club of the Auxerre Olympics. No more or less than the second online racing club in France on the Yonne shores of Auxerre’s Iver street.

“We are interested in hosting competitions and road races once or twice a year. In our waters, the rivers are a kind of curve, enough to hold competitions at the interregional level as well. Because it doesn’t have the length and width. It emphasizes Pascal Guar. If the body of water is larger, we can occasionally hold the French Championship … “

Again, discipline has its requirements. “We must be able to fit nine lanes in the body of water at a distance of 200, 500, or 1,000 m,” says Pascal Gouard. In other words, you need to be able to drive at least 1.5km on more than 100 straight lines. m width. After that, the bank does not have to be straight. “

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water skiing

“Yes: you need to,” replies Arnaud Invernitzi, chairman of the Yonne Commission for water skiing. “In the sense that our four sites are along the river and we need a closed structure for VNFs that is not affected by current fluctuations (French waterways), Barges, all the problems we encounter. A site where you can practice early in the season, from March to April, and beyond. The river carrying the pieces of wood has not been flooded. “

But the chairman of the committee dreams of Yonne’s “cable park” above all else. “Cables are now very fashionable and sprout like mushrooms everywhere in France. It’s like a ski lift. There’s a merry-go-round, the cables are tall and you can go through modules. Both boats and fuel. It’s very fashionable because it’s quiet (electric cable) and can pass 6-8 people at the same time without the need. One boat at a time. It’s a project I did. I want to find a place. Seine -et-Marne has three, Yonne has zero. Gron has a project to build a waterski base. I wish there was something like that. Yonne … “

Currently, there are water ski clubs in Vaux, Villevallier, Laroche-Saint-Cydroine and Sens.

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Establishing a boat in Auxerrois promises to be complicated for Dominique Loraz, chairman of the Yonne Disciplinary Commission.

What the clubs of Joigny and Villeneuve-sur-Yonne do is not possible in Yonne anyway. “The difficulty with Auxerrois is that the basin isn’t long enough. There are locks, shared with canoes, and lots of leisure boats. There isn’t enough length between the two locks,” says Dominique Loraz. Insist.

When it comes to sandboxes, he believes they are “small.” In San Falgo, the club sails on Lake Bourdon. “All development is complete, one piece will be 4 km, a round trip will be 8 km. A pure straight line will be 1,500 m. There is also width. You still need some room to navigate quietly. “The chairman explains. Committee.

But it’s a matter of sports practice. However, Auxerrois nautical bases may have different professions. “There may be a lot of’leisure’practice, Dominique Loraz continues. With a nautical base with instructors with boating skills, he could have a little leisure and a little discovery. But in practice, “it’s not big enough. Then, for those who go to clubs in Joigny, Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, and Saint-Falgo, it might be an opportunity to step into Star Rap. It’s a little. May be added. “

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jet ski

Michelle Le Hajif is the manager and owner of Sofan Village in Villeneuve La Geared. The only place in Yonne where you can practice jet skiing. Would you like to implement this discipline in Auxerrois? “Why? That might be interesting,” admits Michelle Le Hajif. “For a jet, you need at least 25-30 hectares of space. Below, it’s too small because people circle around and get tired.”

If possible, it’s a good idea to plan far away from your home. “Currently, jets are evolving and much quieter, but I avoid staying near my house to avoid worry,” says the manager.

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