Recognized Co-Presidential Investment-Mauriac (15200)

Michelle Biaranet keeps the torch, but can’t wait to find a replacement at the top of the club. Romain Berthet and Michel Vialanet were decorated with FFC bronze and silver medals, respectively.

What is your background as a runner and as a manager? Romain Berthet: I started with SOM Millau at the age of 15 and then followed Vélocité (Aveyron), a cycling school runner and educator. Following the installation in Cantal and the suspension of Verocite, he signed as a runner at VCM Mauriac in 2013, then as a secretary, and as co-president from 2014 to 2021.

Michelle Biaranet: At the age of 28, I got my first license at the Cyclosports Vero Club.I ran at 4 When Category (1983), 3 When Category (1984), 2 When Category (1985-1990). In the mid-1990s, I passed an education monitor diploma to supervise young people, and then passed a regional committee exam (today’s referee). For several seasons, I raced as a manager and manager. Then in 2000, I became a full-time manager.

How do you see the evolution of bicycles? Romain Berthet: Even if the municipalities are playing games, the competition will become more and more complicated at the administrative level, and they will always be happy to welcome you. The most striking example remains the organization of Lily Bergo. For a club like us, it is impossible to organize cyclosports today. Currently, at the national level, the majority of cyclosports are organized by an organization of professionals.

Michelle Biaranet: In the 1980s, many municipalities offered races for the feast of their patronage. But public road traffic, event costs, boring prefectural files, and now a significant shortage of volunteers mean that organizations are becoming rare. For young people, the variety of sports choices, rigorous training, and equipment costs are barriers to cycling.

What was the event that impressed you the most? Romain Berthet: The beginning of Dauphiné and the end of Tour del’Avenir. Our young people had stars in their eyes looking at their idols. These are two very good memories that the club was actually associated with by the municipality and the organizers. Saturday morning training sessions with the cycling school, colluding with young people, and sharing with other volunteers will also be engraved. This is what I miss most today. I also think of volunteers who have left us in recent years.

Michelle Biaranet: The departure from Dauphiné in 2019, when the club’s young Morians stood on the podium, is an unforgettable memory.

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Why did you quit (Roman) and why did you decide to quit (Michelle)? Romain Berthet: Since I live in Aurillac, I have never been more available than if I lived in Mauriac. Due to the obligations of my professionals and family, I am no longer able to obtain the necessary qualifications to become a club leader.

Michelle Biaranet: After more than 40 years at the Vero Club and several positions, the need for breathing became more and more felt and unavoidable.

A small word for your alter ego. Romain Berthet: Michelle did an extraordinary job and never counted his time. He spends enormous amounts of energy and is often in a hurry to keep everything going, always to organize a thousand small or large details. I wouldn’t have been able to do everything he did, and will continue throughout our all-year co-chair. I also learned a lot from him and thank him.

Michelle Biaranet: We were always doing well and often at the same wavelength. Romain is a calm and kind boy. Unfortunately, his professional alienation was difficult for us.