“Red Bull has a very aggressive roadmap,” Judge Cyril Abiteboul explains the team’s success.

that is “Success story” Almost never done. The Red Bull company, which landed in F1 27 years ago, has built an empire ever since. Millions and boldness. Like all stories of this type, Austrian company stories share mysteries, fantasies, and even darkness. Franceinfo: Sports gets a stake in the Red Bull galaxy as she approaches her national Grand Prix at the championship’s top Spielberg circuit on Sunday, July 10.

Red Bull stables rushed to the stretcher to find the location of the arena, without hesitation to shake the code and the established order. Red Bull first specialized in extreme sports sponsorship, and in 1995 teamed up with the Sauber team to attempt an adventure in the field of motorsport queens. Then, after gaining enough experience in the paddock, it plummeted by purchasing Jaguar in 2004 and Minardi one after another the following year. A revolution has happened.

“First and foremost, it’s the will of his brand’s managers, shareholders and owners, who is passionate about motorsport and created marketing fighters.”explanation From the beginning of Cyril Abiteboul about the founder of the group, Dietrich Mateschitz. And our consultant, Former Sporting Director of Renault F1 To summarize: “Everything is linked to the story of this brand, based on performance and extremes.”.. Mateschitz continues to develop this concept for both energy drinks and single-seaters.

“After sponsoring Sauber, he told himself he would never get better service than himself.Cyril Abiteboul says again. More than any other team, Red Bull was able to invest in a continuous, important and multi-directional way... Of course, if money is the cornerstone of the building, it is being used wisely. “Stability is probably the most basic factor of success.”Cyril Abiteboul continues. “If you look closely, Red Bull’s staff hasn’t changed much over time. It doesn’t matter if it works or not. If it doesn’t work, we don’t fire everyone that way. Sometimes it’s done in F1. ”

This desire to constantly move forward is combined with a keen sense of opportunity to be acquired. Thereby, “He didn’t hesitate when Mateschitz was offered a second team, in this case Minardi. He renamed it Toro Rosso, the literal translation of Red Bull in Italian, and used it as an incubator for young drivers. This is an invented strategy. It’s on the way, but it has proven to be very useful. “Decode the consultant.

“When they decide something, they look for the best on the planet.”

Cyril Abiteboul, former Renault F1 Sporting Director

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The latter does not hide his admiration when it comes to evoking the degree of excellence achieved by Milton Keynes’ company. “They have completely amazing equipment. The means they have acquired and the means they have developed themselves are extraordinary. They have taken simulation tools to unimaginable levels. “, He breathes. And we summarize Red Bull’s philosophy as follows: “They have a very positive track record. Red Bull’s strength is that it doesn’t stop investing.”

Red Bull today “People who have long benefited from taking care of their car chassis alone.” Cyril Abiteboul can make fun of top-notch seasoned makers like Mercedes and Ferrari. “Super opportunist”.. The latter rotates the motor racing metaphor,“They brake later than the other teams to see what trajectory is best.”..For Cyril Abiteboul, “They have the intelligence of a balance of power. Investment gives them an invincible bargaining stance.”

Cyril Abitboul, on the other hand, is more cautious about managing drivers within Austrian companies. “Even in this area, they show that they are radicals. This is probably the only point that even humanity can blame for some lack of patience.”He observes. “They see the driver as one of the components of the whole tool, but in the end the system worked and demonstrated talents such as Vettel, Ricardo and Verstappen.”..

The case of Pierre Guthrie, who left the parent company to return to Toro Rosso’s subsidiary in mid-2019 season, still surprised the former director of the Renault team. “Maybe they didn’t want to try to put Pierre in a positive psychological mood?”He asks himself. “When you arrive at Red Bull, it’s an opportunity, but it’s also a lot of pressure.”..

Behind this pressure is the famous Christian Horner, the team’s omnipotent and sometimes malicious director. “Of course, it’s disruptive, but above all, it’s effective.”Slice Cyril Abiteboul. “The results speak for him. He may argue that relationships are lacking in emotions, but F1 is not a sport in which you express emotions. Efficiency is the only thing.” But for this apparent coldness, Christian Horner can add humor and has become one of the best clients of racing journalists. “He is the beast of communication and the king of punch lines.”Check Abiteboul.

If the ambiguity continues in 2023, it will look bright in the short term as Honda will no longer equip the team with engines next season. “I see them as double world champions [pilotes et constructeurs] This seasonCyril Abiteboul concludes. Ferrari is doing everything to help them, and Mercedes is making progress, but it’s overkill. ” If the brand claims it gives wings, no one in F1 seems to be able to cut them off for now.