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After the beginning of October 2021, in Marseille or Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris, the Paris 2024 Cultural Olympics will enter the second phase of the “Bringing Sports and Culture into Dialogue” program at a participatory event.

On June 27, with Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, President Tony Estangel of the 2024 Paris Olympics, and Dominique Hervieu, Director of Culture of 2024, will give specific outlines of the program to be invited. I specified it. Local governments, those who prioritize the “Terres de Jeux” label will participate.

French touch

“Despite their differences, culture and sport come together in many ways, especially the value of Olympism, emphasizing Dominique Harview, who was formerly the head of the house and was a biennial dancer in Lyon. Dialogue between people, self-transcendence and inclusion are central values ​​for athletes and many artists. Working together is the strength of these issues, involving all citizens. Emphasizes importance, the social role of art and sports. »»

Marriage will take place in 2024 at a major cultural festival in the capital. For example, this ballet by choreographer Rachid Ouramdane, an exhibition on design and sports at the Luxemburg Museum, mixes dance and aerobat, dancers and acrobats like birds in front of Eiffel. A show of Marie Eve Signy Rolls dedicated to Paralympic athletes at the Tower and even the Pantheon … As Tony Estange says, the idea is “to provide a unique sporting and cultural experience.”

Cultural summer

Beyond the time of this event, the Cultural Olympics have also been held for a long time at all “Terres de Jeux” and now have a cultural summer “colored by Olympism”, says Dominique Hervieu. Outside France, at 170 in Saint-Etienne, Martinique and Nantes, “there will be shows and events that combine art and sports, artistic activities in the field of sports, training in the park and physical activity,” the director explains. ..

Seine-Saint-Denis recalls David Rainal, director of culture, heritage, sports and leisure in the “Gathering actors from different cultures, sports and societies around the Olympics in 2016”, solidarity and the summer of the Olympics. The encounter between art and sport for the director is “from a simple replacement of artistic form in a sporting place such as a marching band playing in a pool, to an artistic and sporting educational project at a university, or intervention by a dancer. At sports clubs that may extend to.

The divisions participating in the competition also list a variety of large-scale projects, including the reorganization of about 30 national anthems by the Montreuil Show Orchestra, which brings together professionals and amateurs. Alternatively, the long-term project La Beauté dugeste will bring together the fabulous cultural venues, clubs and neighborhood homes of the department to program artist residency, workshops, a three-year show and a major parade in 2024. Dancing amateur.

“Game land”

In order to propose their own projects and obtain the label of Cultural Olympiad, local governments and their cultural players, on the one hand, through the regional Cultural Activities Bureau or Cultural Activities Bureau, and through the device “Terre”. While having two main means, de Jeux “(1).. “‘Terres de Jeux’ can add a cultural dimension to the Olympics, point out Dominique Hervieux and invite their cultural operators to contribute to the Olympics. Also, in September, we started recruiting “inspiration” projects on artistic creation and disability. »»

The Cultural Olympics “promises a variety of projects and disciplines, not only dance, music, theater and plastic arts, but also gastronomy, fashion and design. The idea is to always bridge and promote sports. Connecting values ​​and people. »»


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