“Remember Sorority?” Sandrine Rousseau criticized after parachuting in the legislative election.

The defeated candidate of the Environmentalist Primary will run in the 13th arrondissement of Paris for a legislative election. She banished activist Claire Monod. He accused her of doing her “good old political arapapa”.

Like the old air. Europe Ecology Greens has verified that Sandrine Rousseau in Paris ran for the 13th arrondissement legislative election against the regrets of party members who criticized her attitude.

“The problem is that his criticism of old political practices turned out to be completely inconsistent with his actions. (…) It’s dishonest and good old political Arapapa (…) Women for 10 years Working in the territory, it leads me to say “Sorority, do you remember it?”, Launches Claire Monod, a member of the Yannick Jadot team, in a column. Marianne..

Winning riding

If this activist was unknown to the general public, she was a party candidate in 2017 in this district of southern Paris. This profession-specific architect also won two recent internal consultations in which activists were invited to nominate candidates.

However, the party made another decision on March 20 and eventually decided to consider this supporter as the winner and give it to Sandrine Rousseau. Her pills get worse as the latter spends her entire career as a locally elected official and works on her reels.

She had been thinking about going to a legislative election in her city for a while, but the economist finally retreated. There is no way for her to confront Ugo Bernarisis, Adrian Katnen, and two well-established rebellious French agents. Sandrine Rousseau didn’t want to get angry with Jean-Jacques Melenchon, who has a good relationship with her, in addition to the risk of losing her.

Exiled from the campaign

Another option for time at the table: La Rochel, where she spent some of her childhood.But as reported, defeating MP Olivier Farorni, who beat Ségolène Royale in 2012, seemed too complicated for him. release..

The choice of this parachute descent in the capital is even more surprising as Sandrine Rousseau was excluded from Janic Jadot’s unfriendly remarks campaign in early March.

“Our great political strategists are useless! I’m crazy! They ruin everything. It’s a mess (…) Zemur or Macron imposes a story. We sell boilers! She reported that she had a rebellion at lunch. Parisian..

Sandrine Rousseau “hypnotizes, paralyzes, and terrorizes.”

To justify the reversal of this situation, Claire Mono goes on to give a ferocious explanation.

“What is she doing? She is hypnotized, paralyzed and frightened. If she is doing well, it causes a great deal of confusion for the party, especially in” sexism. Many are afraid to speak for fear of being accused. , Judge environmental activists Marianne..

On the side of Sandrine Rousseau, we assume.

“From September, my three children will go to Paris and my husband will work there,” she justifies. release..

Lead the party next winter

The economist also explains that he wants to defeat the “extroverted macronist” MP Buontan.

In case of victory, Sandrine Rousseau can target environmental protection party leaders in the next parliament next winter.

“We will consider the future of this party. What happened during the two rounds of the primary, the reversal of EELV executives against me, leaves a mark. Within the party than among sympathizers. Many say they are in rebellion, both of them. “, Parisian last fall.