Renne defeats Mets, Angers finds a way to victory, Strasbourg stalls

What an opportunity for Bordeaux

When you don’t want it, you don’t want it! Adri’s deflected shot completely deceived Omlin, but the ball was a few centimeters away from the MHSC goalkeeper’s cage.

New omlin stop

The goalkeeper of Montpellier has something to do at the end of the match between Bordeaux and Montpellier. Omlin still has to go outdoors to dodge the danger.

Another strike that Omlin caught without difficulty

Fans seize the opportunity, but his attempt is so axial that he doesn’t worry about Omlin grabbing the ball without question.

Last 15 minutes in Bordeaux

After the delays accumulated at the start of the match, this Bordeaux Montpterie will be the last match of this multiplex on the 29th day of League One. With 15 minutes remaining, the Girondins are dragging two goals to zero. Superiority. Cozza and Ristic were excluded in the first half.

Anger wins

After losing seven times in a row, the Anjou family defeats Brest and returns to victory. Gerald Baticle’s men won the match against Brest (1-0).

Draw between Lorient and Strasbourg

Lorient has no goals or winners. The Hakes and Alsatians were unable to score a single goal this afternoon.

Renne hits Mets

The trial of Mets in Renne is over. Renne humiliated her opponent this afternoon (6-1). The Bretons go second tonight before the clash between OM and Nice.

Mets save honor

Honor is safe for Mets! Mahuta scores his first goal at Garnet.

Another bizotto parade

The end of the match between Angers and Brest is exciting. Mohamed Ali Cho falls again into Bizot, who makes a good save in front of the young Angevin striker.

Great outing from Bizot

Bizot emerges far from his cage to cut counters against the Anjou family and Mohamed Ali Cho, launched by Boufal. This was an opportunity for Scists to kill the game.

Bordeaux can’t do that yet

At the end of the last 30 minutes of this Bordeaux Montpellier, the Girondins couldn’t worry about Omlin while Hérault was playing from 45 to 9.

Great opportunity for Lorient

Lorient was trying to score in this Lorient-Strasbourg. At the corner where the two played, Watara deviated, but his ball barely escaped from the frame.

Costil whistles

After a quarrel with Bordeaux supporters, Benoît Costil wipes the Mattomt Atlantic whistle every time he touches the ball.

Last 15 minutes of an hour

Play the last 15 minutes of three of the four meetings of this multiplex on the 29th day of League One. Renne leads Metz 6-0, Lorient and Strasbourg back to back (0-0) and Angers 1-. 0 against Brest.

Great image between Costil and supporters

Shortly before returning to the locker room, Benoît Costil faced Girondin supporters head-on. Nothing is working with Bordelais.

I’m back in Bordeaux

It’s a slow game. The second kick-off took place between Bordeaux and Montpterie.

Guirassy’s hat trick

When will they stop? Renne continues to humiliate Messin. Guirassy recorded a hat-trick with a great volley from close range.

Renne’s new goal

What an afternoon for Bruno Genesio’s Rennais! This time, it was Hamari Traoré who added his name to the scoreboard. The Bretons are 5-0 ahead of Mets.

Renne continues the festival

Guirassy imitates the terrier and gets double the score. These are the four goals of the Bretons to Zero for the unresponsive Messin.

What an opportunity for Gameiro

Former Parisians were very close to giving Lorient an advantage to Strasbourg. Kevin Gameiro is alone against Drayer, but he misses the target.

Renne is already dangerous

Guirassy wasn’t too far from winning a double. Former Amiens seized a chance from a distance and missed Kylard’s frame slightly.

The end of the first period of Bordeaux

This first period was very long, but it’s just over! Bordeaux and Montpellier return to the changing room. The Girondins are down 2-0, but 11 against 9.

Ristics are excluded! 9 o’clock Montpellier

can not believe it. Ristic is also excluded after Cozza. Monptellié rains play half at 9 o’clock.

Here we go to the other 3 grasses again

As half-time approaches in Bordeaux, it will turn off again in Lorient, Rennes and Angers.

Mara flies away

The inspiration from Mara, who tried a fallen scissor kick, was good, but her strike skipped the frame. Bordeaux is still failing to score.

6 minutes in Bordeaux

The game was already late. He will take more. It will be played for another 6 minutes in Bordeaux.

Valere Germain must give way

After Nicolas Cozza receives the red card, Valere Germain must give way to Brazilian defender Soarer.

Ellis misses the penalty

That’s terrible for the Girondins! Ellis does not revive the Girondins after missing the penalty. Omlin intervenes.

Bordeaux penalty and Koza red card

When will it change? Ellis went to challenge Omlin, but Koza fouled Ellis in the box. The referee whistles the penalty and sends out the Montpellier defender.

Fransérgio warned in turn

A nightmare afternoon continues for Bordeaux. After Ahmedhodzic, it was Girondin midfielder Fransérgio who received the yellow card.

Ahmedhodzic issued a yellow card

Girondins Bordeaux’s Bosnian defender received a yellow card after the tackle was delayed.

Another big 10 minutes in Bordeaux

The match between Bordeaux and Montpellier was delayed following the smoke grenade at the start of the match. The first period of this meeting is about 10 minutes left.

Halftime with Lorient and Rennes

The end of the first period between Lorient and Strasbourg (0-0) and Rennes and Mets (3-0).

Half time in Angers

The end of the first period at Raymond Coppa Stadium. Angers leads against Brest (1-0).

Great opportunity for Lorient

Even if Strasbourg was dominant from the beginning of the meeting, it is Lorient and Loriente who are at risk in this strike flirting at the Sels post.

Renne Festival continues

It was another Rennais striker, Guirassy, ​​who defeated Kylard for the third time in the afternoon after Terrier’s doubles.

Boufal changes the penalty

Sofiane Boufal does not quiver and continues to convert all the penalties he hits. Anger takes the initiative over Brest.

Penalty for Angers

The Anjou family gets a penalty thanks to Capelle who entered the penalty area.

Terrier very close to triplet

Oh, he was gorgeous! Terrier’s goal finds a great skylight, but his goal is not allowed offside.

Moret illuminates Costil’s skylight

Bordeaux is sinking! Moret scored a great goal and Montpellier could lead two goals to zero.

Terrier has already doubled the score

Rennes left to make corrections to Messin. Martin Terrier wins a double.

Wahi sinks Bordeaux

Montpellier opens the score thanks to Wahi and Bordeaux falls into their trap again

Innocent receives a yellow card

This Lorient-Strasbourg’s first yellow card. Innocent’s yellow card made a big mistake.

Pulchitch has to give way

After muscular intervention in Moncongit early in the game, Pulchitch must give way to Ahorow.

Great opportunity for Brest

Despite the rule of the Angevin Empire since the start of the match, it was Brest who missed Mandrea’s frame and was the first to create danger following the whims of Chardonnay.

Terrier opens score

Martin Terrier transforms the penalty, allowing Rennais to lead against Mets.

Let’s go to Bordeaux

The Bordeaux-Montpellier was launched 16 minutes later, following a smoke grenade that filled the stadium with smoke.

Renne’s penalty

Flavien Tait will be penalized after Gemeuson fouls in the penalty area. The terrier will take care of you.

Ground monconduit after extensive intervention by Prcic

Thomas Moncongit remains on the ground after poorly controlled interventions by Pruchitch. Lorient’s midfielder is painfully recovering.

Bordeaux-Montpellier kick-off takes 10 minutes

Bordeaux-Monptellier should start in about 10 minutes. The player returns to the grass and warms up a bit.

An interesting start to Renne’s match

Renne has complete control over the start of the match against Messin, which has been overwhelming so far.

Bordeaux and Montpellier players recall to referee

The Bordeaux Montpellier referee recalled the two teams to the changing room and the kick-off was delayed.

The first situation in Strathbourg

Gameiro was very close to scoring on Lorient’s lawn, but Merurus’ defense is wary.

Kick off on 3 out of 4 pitches

With the exception of Bordeaux-Montpellier, three other matches of this multiplex on this 29th day of League One have begun. In Bordeaux, the kick-off is delayed due to smoke grenades.

Bordeaux composition-Montpellier

Bordeaux composition: Costil-Marcelo, Mencer, Ahmedhodzic, Gregersen-Giravogi, Adli, Ignatenko-Eris, Mara, Fan

Composition of Montpellier: Omlin-Ske, Ristic, Koza, Estebe-Savanier, Feri, Moret, Shotal-German, Wahi

Angers Composition-Brest

Angers composition: Mandrea-Traole, Thomas, Doumbia, Evosse, Mendy-Capelle, Boufal, Bentaleb, Pereira Large-Bahoeken

Brest composition: Bizot-Erel, Uronen, Chardonnay, Duverne-Belkebla, Agoume-Onorato, Del Castillo, Bellairi, Cardona

Lorient’s Composition-Strasbourg

Lorient’s composition: Dreyer-Lugoff, Laporte, Petro, Mendes-Monconduy, Aberger, Loriente, Innocent-Moffy, Connect

Strasbourg composition: salt-Gilbert, Zik, Perrin, Nyamushi-Pruchitch, Rienard, Bergard, Sissoko-Gameiro, Ayork

Renne’s Composition-Mets

Rennais composition: Alemdar-Traole, Agueld, Omari, Melling-Burijo, Tate, Santa Maria, Mael-Guirassy, ​​Terrier.

Female composition: Kylard-Jemeuson, Bron, Koyate, Kande, Mikelbrensis-Ama Do, Yeed, Nudrum,-Niane, Depreville

Good morning everyone

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