report.In Paris, Ukrainian refugees are armed with patience while waiting for valuable help and a little stability.

A thick gray blanket surrounds Nina Senik, all dressed in black. A patient in her 40s spent three hours at Porte de Versailles at 4 ° C with her sister in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Since Thursday, March 17, the Exhibition Center has reserved one of its halls for the acceptance of Ukrainian refugees exiled by the Russian invasion.

Nina’s children stayed warm. “We must prevent them from getting sick”, Explain it Sister Svitrana settled in France for several years.Young woman accompanies him with steps to get Temporary protection status in Europe, giving him access to care,Asylum seeker allowance And the exercise of professional activities.

From 8:30 am, many Ukrainians will be waiting outside Hall 2 of the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris on March 18, 2022.  (ELOISEBARTOLI / FRANCEINFO)

“She can’t sleep well, she’s not morale”, Breathing SvitranaHosts a 17-year-old and a 13-year-old sister and nephew for a week. “She’s sick of everything, just sick of it.” At 9am, the exhibition center “hub” door will begin to open. Nina, who is at the forefront of the queue, can pass in front of the services of the Paris Police today. This is not true for everyone.

The capacity of the new receiving point is limited and the queue is too long. Anna Strebkova (19 years old) and Katya Stepanova (20 years old) will not be able to return. They will be given a subpoena encouraging them to return home at a later date. “I came to the reception point on the 4th day. Sometimes it rains and it takes hours … it’s cold.”, The youngest says. The girl with perfect straightening was a student of Kharkov’s microbiology before the outbreak of the war. “I didn’t want to leave without my family, but my relatives asked me to evacuate.” It was the way to asylum that Anna crossed the road with Katya. Friendly crush. Since then, the students have not left each other and want to allocate accommodation together. “We are like relatives.”Anna says.

Katya and Anna met on March 18, 2022, on their way to exile in Paris. Becoming friends, they want to be housed together in France.  & Nbsp; (ELOISE BARTOLI / FRANCEINFO)

This sisterhood found in the war is lacking in 25-year-old Julia Zaha, who only knows her boyfriend in Paris. “He supports me a lot in this trial. She guarantees. But now I’m stuck here and can’t go back to Ukraine. “ Her boyfriend’s friends are certainly there, but the language barrier is immediately felt in exchange.

Young Ukrainians are still thinking of themselves “Privilege”. Lived in France from January, urea I didn’t hear the bombardment or witness the scene of the war. Prior to the invasion of Russian troops, young women worked for the civil society Vox Ukraine in the hope of fighting false information. So, since February 24th, while her spouse is working, in front of her computer, Julia tries to check the information circulating in the conflict. “It’s like a habit for me. Besides, I need to occupy my heart.” She admits that exercise is not ideal for her mental health. “But I take a break. Sometimes it’s better to go to the bakery and buy a lemon pie.”

Like the other 100 Ukrainians waiting at Porte de Versailles, she needs to normalize the situation with the administration. She has been in the territory for three months, she is unable to return due to the war and she wants to gain temporary protection status in Europe as well.

This arbitration is carried out by the province, which occupies a quarter of the “hub” of Paris. The French Immigration and Integration Agency (Ofii) also issues an ADA card there, granting access to allowances for asylum seekers. The rest of the building is managed by the NGO France Terre d’Asile and the French Refugee and Statelessness Protection Agency (Ofpra), with several associations, institutions and the city of Paris working together.

Refugees are welcomed with sweet snacks and hot drinks in this vast space, separated by removable walls. The interview is organized by 20 employees in Terredacil, France, along with 12 volunteer translators to assign housing solutions. The “Hub” also proposes to accommodate about 500 people on the premises with camp beds, but only dozens of places were filled overnight from Thursday to Friday.

In one corner of the “hub”, the walls are decorated with colorful paintings. “These have been accumulated since yesterday.” Amazing Aurellie, 39 years old. Animator of the Paris City Hall, she volunteered to take care of her youngest while her family was trying to find a solution to the unstable situation. “Some kids are stressedShe admits. One person sitting in a chair was crying yesterday.He must have been 12-13 years old.. Older people look at things and understand what’s going on. “

Ukrainian children's paintings are displayed on the wall

Next to them, refugees wait for assignments. Working with prefectures, France Teredazir offers six destinations throughout France. Mainly hotels. Marisa, a Ukrainian French teacher, wanted to get closer to Toulouse. My eldest daughter has been living since February 21st. “She knew there was a war and didn’t want to stay anymore,” he said. Explain 50 years old.. But you can’t choose.

Sophie (19) and Anastasia (16) await housing allocation in the Hall of the Porto de Versailles Exhibition Center on March 18, 2022.  (ELOISE BARTOLI / FRANCEINFO)

rear “Too many overnight”Marisa Also last week, I decided to go out on the road with her other two children. Anastasie, 16 years old, Sophie, 19 years old. A bombing took place in the middle of the night when the two sisters were in the corridor of their apartment in the center of Kyiv. “We jumped because of the explosion. A little kid shouted. She shouted at me and began to hide in the hallway away from the window. She was shaking everywhere. . “Says Marisa.

“Before the explosion, Anastasia didn’t want to leave Kyiv, but it was too much overnight. We hid in the parking lot next to the house because we didn’t have a basement, but we can’t use everything. Night in the parking lot. So we left. “

Marisa, Ukrainian refugees

on franceinfo

We had to cross Ukraine, Poland, After that, before arriving in Germany and France. “We haven’t slept for two days”Also says Sophie, who has a chain of Nika, a small 11-year-old dog on the road for the war. The girls are looking forward to their housing assignments, so she can seek medical assistance. His diabetes also motivated their departure. “”In Kyiv, I couldn’t get any more insulin. “ At 11:00 am, the verdict will be given. The three women board the bus on the same day to the outskirts of Caen, Normandy. “It’s great, you’ll see, there’s a beach”, One of the volunteers shouts. The trio does not respond. It’s not sunbathing time.