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6:23 pm : Last week we talked about the initiative of a reel sock merchant who launched socks inspired by five dozen presidential candidates.Note that the initiative wasn’t everyone’s favorite, as his store was destroyed over the weekend. North voice.. In addition to the cashier, a copy of the above political socks was stolen during the flick flick.

6:35 pm : @Kiko You are referring to Jean Lassalle’s blues. He hinted that he could throw a towel in the middle of the week before he recovered. Had his candidacy been confirmed, it would have been possible to vote for him, even if he gave up. But he probably won’t print the newsletter in his name.

6:09 pm : Hello, can a candidate approved by the Constitutional Council still withdraw his candidacy (hence no ballot in his name)?

6:35 pm : 6 pm and briquettes, the latest news time.

• Valerie Pécrès was invited to propose three potential figures into her government, citing the names of Teddy Riner, Leila Slimani and Pierre de Villiers.

• A Russian strike in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, destroyed military barracks and threatened significant casualties. Dozens of people were killed. Follow our live.

•• “This day is neither the end of war nor the beginning of peace.”, Declared Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Evian Accords. The president said he “assumed” a commemorative gesture made since the start of his five-year term on the dispute.

Italian abuse to reverse Wales in Cardiff (22-21) thanks to last-minute registered tests. France can win the tournament. Even if Ireland played against Scotland, they could probably win in an hour.

5:56 pm : I don’t know where you got it, but the writer remained pretty cautious about her political affinity.

Recall that the 2022 Presidential page has been redesigned for those who are politicized, with lots of content, including those related to the Candidate Program. Please take a look.

5:54 pm : Everyone knows that Leila Slimani supports Jadot, so is this little sentence worth your front page? Would you like to post an article about the Nominee Program on the top page? This seems to be more relevant than politics.

5:33 pm : “I will not [le] Defense Minister [de Valérie Pécresse].. “

After Leila Slimani and Teddy Riner, it is General Devillier’s turn to reject LR, who named him as a candidate for minister in an interview in France 2 at noon.

5:04 pm : It is reported that the National Union campaign bus was attacked with a paint gun near Angers in Maine-et-Loire. West France..The local RN Federation has announced its intention to file a complaint and will be rolling out in the future. “”Protected because they are not afraid of a few attackers“, RN will be announced.

4:54 pm : @Syria Berry Fabien Roussel recently justified this question several times with a microphone on franceinfo. When voting in the first round of the presidential election, there is no useful vote. The left is the same height as the daisy, weighs 25%, and we are all responsible. I did not submit the application in 2012 or 2017. Need to resign in 2022 and soon in 2027? He wants to hear another voice on the left side. “”PS currently speaks only to the pain of the city, and Melenchon speaks only to the radicalized parts of the suburbs.

4:52 pm : If LFI and PC were teaming up like in the last presidential election, Merenchon would probably be ahead of Marine Le Pen. These policies and mathematical calculations are amazing.

4:45 pm : The daily survey of voting intentions in the first round has just fallen. The 2nd place match seems to have been settled between Marine Le Pen (16.5%, + 0.5%) and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (13%, + 0.5%). It’s here to find all the details of our daily survey.

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4:40 pm : “I’m sure [ma candidature] It helps everyone who is looking for a way to protect and protect themselves. “

Lutte Ouvrière candidate Natalie Althowd was a guest in France 3 this afternoon. She especially defended the usefulness of her candidacy when polls only credited 0.5%. Take a full look at his interview.

(France 3)

4:15 pm : Philippe de Villiers, near Eric Zemmour, responds to Valerie Pécrès’s suggestion on Twitter.

3:54 pm : Marine Le Pen went to Loire to talk about agriculture and purchasing power. “I’ve been talking about purchasing power for over eight months. In fact, prices have exploded before the war in Ukraine, so we’re campaigning on this subject.” RN candidate said

3:55 pm : Teddy Riner and Leila Slimani, contacted by the political department of France Television, were unaware of the hypothesis proposed by Valerie Pécrès. Judoka’s reaction from Brazil: “😂”. Writer’s response: “I don’t think it’s very elegant. There’s nothing more scaring me! That said, it would be a great idea for a novel!” Pierre de Villiers has no comments.As part of that, the aides of candidate LR, it is “Spontaneous answers to questions”..

3:55 pm : Talking about France 2’s 13-hour television news in the duplex from Arradon (Morbihan), Valerie Pécrès evoked the name of a person who could imagine a successful integration of the government in the event of a successful presidential election. .. Therefore, the right-wing candidate will be former Army Chief of Staff Pierre de Villiers, Judo Teddy Riner will be in charge of the youth portfolio, and writer Leila Slimani will take care of Francophony. Become.

3:35 pm : It’s time to share with you the must-see articles published on the site.

Since the law of 2012, March 19th has been National Day in memory of the victims of the Algerian War. However, this date has been criticized by some of the political classes, returnees, and Archi.

In the weeks following the invasion of Ukraine, more and more Russians decided to leave their country for fear of oppression and conscription. Five of them told me why they chose to uproot or leave their families behind.

Republican candidate Valerie Pécrès has blamed Emmanuel Macron’s program. “Bad copy” According to her, of her. Is this “original vs. copy” strategy correct? The answer to this article.

2:22 pm : RN candidate Marine Le Pen travels to the Center and Burgundy on the theme of rural and food sovereignty. Caroline Mott, a journalist at France Television, is following her.

1:57 pm : The Printemps Républicain group, criticized by critics for its ruthless attitude towards secularism, intended to give a speech to the left-wing Universal Republican Party, in support of Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy for presidential elections, and President Aminel to AFP. Declared Katomi. “For the last five years we were critical of Emmanuel Macron (…), but it is clear that there was an evolution, especially with Les Mureaux’s speech and the law against separatism.