Resignation from Hockey Canada | St-Onge minister wants to see other departures

Following the board’s president’s resignation announced on Saturday, Federal Sports Minister Pascal San-Onge expects “serious changes” within Hockey Canada. is requested to be introduced.

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Henri Ouellet-Vezina

Henri Ouellet-Vezina

“I think with this resignation, cracks are starting to appear in the fortress. That’s how the light shines through. Real change is needed now at the leadership level, at all levels,” the federal minister said at a press conference on Saturday. He said he was leaving the sports ministerial meeting.

Hockey Canada chairman Michael Brindamore announced Saturday that he has submitted his resignation, deciding that “it is pointless to wait before a new era begins.” Hockey Canada has been hotly contested since the spring when it was revealed that it had settled out of court a lawsuit alleging sexual assault by eight players after his 2018 organization gala in London, Ontario. I have been unfolding.

M.myself St-Onge says they “agree” with Michael Brind’Amour’s statement that they “don’t have to wait”. “We need immediate action. We need more diversity within Hockey Canada, both in leadership and management positions. […] Having diverse voices around the table changes the types of discussions and decisions,” she said.

We are currently witnessing movement. The demands of Canadians are immense, so I expect big changes to happen. Everyone wants to see this, this profound cultural shift, and the end of toxic masculinity.

Pascal Sang-Onju Sports Minister

She also reiterated that beyond sports federations, “there must be a change in the culture of hockey regarding sexual violence and the culture of silence.”

Pascal St-Onge remains cautious about the future of Hockey Canada CEO Scott Smith, who refuses to step down, but he appears to be optimistic about his resignation. “People on the ground need to re-evaluate whether they are the right people to make this change because they are about the same people who have been there for the last 10 years,” she said. said.

Isabelle Charest believes it

Also present at Saturday’s meeting, Isabelle Charest, Quebec’s minister in charge of sports, indicated she believed in the possibility of a renewal in Hockey Canada. Because I think you have to believe in change, I believe we can move things forward. […] It’s important for us to create the conditions for change to happen,” she said.

M.myself Charest also recalled that Quebec established an Independent Complaints Officer two years ago. This is a government mechanism that precisely wants to ensure that resources are available to victims and people who have been in situations of abuse, harassment or assault. I do,” the minister said.

In its last budget, Ottawa allocated $16 million to establish the Office of the Sports Integrity Commissioner. Ministers also discussed during the meeting that the same mechanism “needs to be provided” in all states, he confirmed, St-Onge.

In Block Quebec, sports commentator Sébastien Lemire said on Saturday, “Hockey Canada’s leaders have not responded to the changes needed to put an end to a toxic culture within Canada in recent months. I will prove it,” he said. Organization in handling sexual assault cases.

“The bonds of trust are broken and the major changes required across the structure of Hockey Canada require a complete reorientation of the organization. It’s the first step that needs to be done,” Lemia insisted.

For Melanie LeMay, founder of the Quebec Community Against Sexual Violence, the resignation of the president of the board is “too late, as long as it is a smokescreen above all else”. Only by revealing the names of all players will it be tangible and serious, and until it is done, it will be difficult to trust and believe in this step,” said M.myself Lemay.