Richard Ferrand opposes Russia’s gas embargo

The Speaker of Parliament had words on Tuesday morning, March 23, that may not please the President of Ukraine that MPs must hear at a video conference in the afternoon. Richard Ferrand decided at the French Inter that Russia’s gas and oil embargo (Russia’s main source of funding for the war with Ukraine) was not. ” Impossible “.. In the eyes of a man who also chairs Emmanuel Macron’s campaign committee “Sanctions help influence Russia’s political power, but not punish French women, French and other Europeans.”The subject of purchasing power, especially with regard to energy, is one of the most discussed in the presidential elections.

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“Every time we can strengthen our position to influence the power of Russia, we have to do it, but it makes everything that makes us alive Europe, France, Industry, it’s not a matter of sudden depletionMr. Ferran insisted. If you decide tomorrow or the next day, there is no alternative answer. It is certain that we will gradually reduce supply and weaken Russia, but it is not honest to say “tomorrow morning, we will decide it.” »»

“We obviously have to get out of Russia’s gas and oil imports and get out as soon as possible.”Declared to represent Aurore Bergé of France Amfo, Vice President La Republique en Marche, adding: “It’s only a matter of time, because tomorrow we can’t blame our neighbors. [européens] People who are very strong and energetic addictions. “.. “This is a medium- to long-term issue of increased sanctions, and the war is likely to continue, so sanctions need to be gradually promoted.”She revealed.

“There is nothing taboo”

Despite the end of the legislature after the Italian Parliament on Tuesday and the Japanese Parliament on Wednesday, it is the turn of the Parliament and the French Senate to meet at the same time exceptionally at 3 pm, listening to a live message from Wolody Mill. That is. Zelensky.

Washington has decided to ban Russia’s hydrocarbon imports, and the United Kingdom has announced that it will stop Russia’s energy imports by the end of 2022. Europe has so far refused to order a ban on Russia’s imports, which provide 40% of natural gas demand. Oil is 30%. However, after a two-day meeting with European leaders in Versailles on March 11, Emmanuel Macron did not deny that the European Union could later attack gas and oil imports. “Nothing is forbidden, no taboo.”He launched.

Most of the Elysée candidates opposed Russia’s hydrocarbon embargo. Only ecologist Yannick Jadot and socialist Anne Hidalgo have clearly declared their support.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, TotalEnergies announced the end of all purchases of Russian oil or petroleum products.The decision will be valid “As soon as possible, at the latest by the end of 2022”, Promise the text. Since the start of the Russian military-led war in Ukraine on February 24, the company led by Patrick Puyanne stands out as being the only western oil group to continue operating in Russia.

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