“Rider’s DNA” owns a lesbian bank in a few days from FISE in Montpellier.

Structures, slopes and platforms are shaped around the lesbian to give a glimpse into the beginning of the festival.

Less than two weeks after the launch of FISE 2022, Elbe Andre Benoit, Mayor Michael Durafosse, and Camel Chibli, who is in charge of community education, youth and sports, have an account in the reverse of the version that introduces themselves. I launched it. “Under the best sponsorship”.. From May 25th (Wednesday) to 29th (Sunday), the tournament will be held one after another in the hope of celebrating this 25th anniversary with a big fanfare in the eyes of thousands of spectators from all over the world.

To remind you of this four-day program, various competitions that suspend editions, especially the BMX Freestyle and BMX Flatland, Roller Freestyle or Parker World Cup. It does not consider training and qualifications in many other areas that help make the festival shine, such as skateboarding, BMX streets, freestyle scootering and breaks.

Breaking will be the center

And if this field participates in FISE in 2019 and e-fise during a pandemic, this year it will be more permanent in three competitions, Breaking For Gold (world level), the French Championship Battle Stage and the FISE Battle Challenge. Calm down. .. “I am very proud to be able to resume the FISE experience more concretely.Says Carlota Dudek, winner of BGirl Adult’s e-fise 2020. We will join the federation side. FISE is one of the new competitions you can’t miss. “

But for this young girl from Montpellier, the most important thing is to share her sport with a team of enthusiasts. “This contest is important, but we stay within the framework of this festival, the framework of the city, and the organization itself. What is better than the organizers attending a festival that comes from this culture? ? A great opportunity for me to be there. “”

“Their culture, their clothes, their music”

It impresses the urban culture and the four world champions Alex Jumelin. “Now it’s a pretty mature event and it’s pretty controlled. It has this pretty formal side, but in the end it’s a rider with their culture, DNA. It’s going to be a party. It’s going to be cool. prize.”

Elbe Andre Benowa also wanted to insist. “I don’t want to distort the festival. At the heart of FISE is a rider with street code, culture, clothing and music. It’s this passion that we want to pass on to the new generation.”

A culture conveyed by various concerts on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as ongoing activities and initiations throughout the event. “Urban art is an integral part of FISE, with street art, frescoes, graffiti battles, initiations and exhibitions.” And for the comfort of the spectators, the festival will start the chill zone this year with a seat in the shade.

Bayarg, a country of extreme sports

This press conference was also an opportunity to remind us that Metropolis has the ambition to support a variety of upcoming sporting events. “FISE was a true ally in getting the Terre de Jeux 2024 label.Proudly insists on Michael Durafosse. It corresponds to the development of sports activities in the 21st century. “ Later, the mayor and Elbe Andre Benoit relied on the mayor of Bilargue, Jean-Luc Meissonier. “Thank you for your commitment” For extreme sports, we will mention a brand new multi-slide park, especially under construction. “It is scheduled to be launched in July.Jean-Luc Meissonnier says. Since I started in Parava, I have always been working on extreme sports development. Bayarg hosts one of the most beautiful skateparks today. “