Riga-Classico: FC Barcelona fix Real Madrid at Santiago-Bernabeu (0-4)

A real blunder. FC Barcelona lost the last five Classicos, but in all tournaments Real Madrid was cut wide at the Santiago Bernabeu (0-4). The shock was one-sided, as the meringue’s defenses were desperate for 90 minutes and the isolated attack by Karim Benzema (which hit the calf) did not produce much positive. Braugrana was able to rely on Pierre Emery Cuave Mayan, the author of Double and Assist, for his fifth consecutive success in LaLiga. Again, they have moved up to Atletico, one less match to see Sevilla’s second place.


Experience, speed, finish: how newcomers changed Barcelona

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Routs, demonstrations, quasi-manitas, suitcases … call them as you like. However, FC Barcelona shattered Real Madrid at the end of the 29th day of the Spanish Championship. We knew that Xavi’s men had returned to their best. We didn’t expect them to be able to dominate the leaders of Madrid. Because, with the exception of Federico Valverde’s strike (7th), which drove Marc Andre ter Stegen to the parade, Melengues only (insufficiently) defended a significant portion of the match. FC Barcelona goalkeeper would have had a quiet night (12, 35, 78), unlike Thibaut Courtois, who did what he could to prevent the team from sinking. wastefully.

Aubameyan, in his garden

it’s simple. In almost every Barça situation, Madrid’s defender was lost. And there was a boulevard that hurried down. Xavi players, especially Pierre Emmerich Aubameyan, did not seem to play the first Classico of his career, but did not miss these opportunities. He was the first decisive to lead a good cross from Ousmane Dembele (0-1, 29th). Later, when Offside whistled, VAR verified his double. The striker had a good idea to finish his action, and he did it well (0-4, 53rd).

Between Gabon’s two goals, Ronald Federho took care to take a break before the break and jumped higher than anyone else in the corner signed by Dembele, the author of the second offering in the match ( 0-2, 38th place). On his side, Ferran Torres took a noble action, again inheriting a clever heel from his (0-3, 47th) Aubameyan. In this part, FC Barcelona gave Real the impression that he was playing in three additional gears out of the game, and worse, he couldn’t even show the similarity of the reactions. After all, this is probably the most worrying thing.

In their misery, Real Madrid have been successful with a draw approved by Sevilla FC a few hours ago. Meringue effectively holds a 9-point lead at the top of the standings. Karim Benzema is so important in all areas of the game that they should expect to be back soon. FC Barcelona has confirmed its excellent form at this time and has all the cards to finish on the podium. If Real keeps sticking out his tongue, it will be a little more. In any case, Xavi was transplanted and the surprise rookie Aubameyan is the symbol.

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