Riga’s lawyer asks Sports Minister to cancel Mbappe’s contract

This Friday, Juan Blanco outlined his actions as Liga’s lawyer to obtain sanctions against PSG following the extension of Kylian Mbappe during the transfer. Javier Tebas’s representative in a French court has appealed to Minister Amelie Udea Castella and wants to bring the case to the European level.

By extending Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid’s nose and beard, PSG signed a great sporting blow. However, the Ile-de-France club not only frustrated Florentino Perez and the people of Madrid, but also elicited the wrath of LaLiga and its fiery president Javier Tebas. After a Spanish agency filed a motion with the UEFA, his French lawyer outlined various appeals filed in French and European courts. But first, Juan Blanco confirmed this Friday that he would ask Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera to intervene in this file.

“Mbappe is the overseer of the sports administration, and the LFP is acting by a delegation from the FFF, so it faces the press that it will require the Minister of Sports to revoke the approval of Mbappe’s contract. The lawyer has shown. Appeal to LFP and allow DNCG to act through the Legal Committee and manage opportunities with PSG’s account. Is this Mbappe’s contract within economic parameters? This is a legal action that can be confirmed. It was imposed by the regulations of DNCG and UEFA’s financial fair play. “

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What is the domino effect after the cancellation of the Mbappe contract?

The day after appearing at RMC in the program After Foot, Juan Blanco, in this case, re-announced his project to PSG. According to him, Paris bent the rules and lied to DNCG as soon as it passed in June 2021. As a result, Kylian Mbappe should not have been allowed to extend in League 1 club.

“These are parallel approaches that are carried out nationwide, and if no results are obtained, they are ready and lead to a procedure to be submitted to the administrative court in Paris. This consists of asking the administrative court. The State Council has chained lawyers in front of journalists to obtain this abolition of contract approval, even for no reason. With all the effects this has, Paris Saint-Germain’s helplessness in this contract. This is to revoke or enable, which will be a problem for contracts signed by PSG after July 25, 2021. “

Swing promises “step-by-step response”

Therefore, on June 25, 2021, PSG successfully validated the account with DNCG. According to Juan Blanco, this passage before the French football financial police officer couldn’t have been so successful. Later, management in Paris announced a provisional budget with revenues of € 180 million associated with the sale of the player. Therefore, Paris has found another way to get out of it, far away from it. However, Liga’s lawyers want to use suspicious elements to put an end to this.

“We will proceed in a step-by-step manner. We will gradually look at the ability of French professional football associations and regulatory and administrative authorities to respond to our complaints and demands,” the lawyer explained. Did. For Liga again at the press conference. Over time, we will increase the pressure. For more than a decade, all of Paris Saint-Germain has included financial fair play and methods that can be considered fraud.

Threat of legal action against PSG leaders

Beyond the government’s and French appeals to justice over Kylian Mbappe’s contract, Juan Blanco has also decided to bring the proceedings to the European level. According to him, UEFA does not manage this file well and needs to move on to the next level. The European Commission to study the case of PSG against European Union competition law. But Riga’s lawyers don’t want to stop there. If he cannot win his proceeding against a club in Paris, Juan Blanco directly targets the responsible leader of his eyes for him to inject cash into PSG through a sponsor or candidate. I confirmed that I was planning to do that.

“In the short term, if we find that the various appeals have no impact or follow-up, we feel free to go up and down, enhance the game and drop Juan Blanco during the take. We feel free to put it in. We will carry out procedures that will allow us to personally contact the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain and those responsible for these operations that are considered fraudulent.

And Liga’s lawyer said: “We don’t have this spirit today, but we have prepared this step-by-step response that will ultimately yield results. […] For the first time today, we are relatively confident in our ability to actually influence national and European regulatory agencies to obtain rule changes. “

Arthur Perot and Jean Guy Lebreton