Round the World Insurance: Guarantees and Costs

What is Round the World Insurance?

Traveling anywhere in the world with complete tranquility is essential. Therefore, this means covering all risks in all countries. This is why Circumnavigation Insurance generally offers packages that include the following guarantees (some are optional):

  • Guarantee of support (with essential search and rescue costs for adventurers) and repatriation.
  • Health Guarantee;
  • Guarantee of civil liability;
  • Legal support and bail guarantee.
  • Optional sports warranty (according to contract: covers not only dangerous sports practice, but also sporting goods);
  • Guarantee of individual accidents;
  • Guarantee of theft and loss of baggage (optional).
  • Travel cancellation guarantee (usually optional).
  • Guaranteed flight delays, travel interruptions and more.

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Who is this Round the World Insurance for?

This type of contract is frequent in distant countries (mainly outside Europe), with increasing risk (medical costs), a minimum of 3 months, a maximum of 12 or 24 months, depending on the insurance company. It is intended for travelers. Cost of care and hospitalization).

However, be aware of the subscriber’s age limit. According to insurance companies, these contracts are generally no longer available to travelers over the age of 65/66, while other contracts accept guarantees for people up to 79 years.

How to choose your cover to travel around the world?

The warranty is wide. However, not all travelers will find it useful. It is everyone’s responsibility to confirm according to their true needs, which is determined as follows.

  • A country that intersects its destination (and is particularly specific with respect to the cost of health care-but not only).
  • Practicing his sport;
  • Guarantee costs and applicable deductions.

I want to know: Some contracts are accessible even after they arrive abroad and can be taken out of the country. In this case, the waiting period (about 8 days on average) applies.

Some contracts require a medical survey. It should be noted that the contract does not cover the consequences of accidents or illnesses prior to the date of the subscription.

How much is the insurance premium around the world?

Prices vary depending on:

  • Warranty taken (additional cost of optional warranty),
  • Country visited (mainly divided into 3 areas),
  • Insured age,
  • Length of stay in certain countries (especially the United States and Canada).
  • Number of insured (certain reductions may apply when traveling as a couple, family or group))...

Given the number of parameters to consider, it is difficult to show the average cost. Nonetheless, for basic guarantees and one-year limited coverage, insured persons under the age of 35 will contribute € 42 per month to become insured worldwide except in the United States and Canada. You have to pay. Benefiting from the US and Canada extensions costs an average of € 51.26 per month (the prices above are the average result of the four best-known contracts on the market). The average cost is € 500-615 per year, depending on whether the warranty applies to the United States and Canada.

I want to know: Before choosing this type of contract, more than ever, caps, exclusions, and deduction details, assured by warranty, are essential to be able to compare contracts.