Rugby: At the General Assembly, the Commonwealth ignores the social situation in France-2023

During the FFR AG on Saturday, July 2, accusations against Claude Atcher, the boss of the Organizing Committee of the Future World Cup in France, were not discussed. An investigation by the newspaper L’Équipe reported “control of terrorism”. Labor inspectors were confiscated.

A question to the deteriorating social climate within the organizing committee of the 2023 World Cup in France, and to his boss Claude Atcher in the investigation. teamIt was not discussed at the French Rugby Federation (FFR) General Assembly in Marseille on Saturday, July 2nd.

However, the “France-2023 Progress Report” was the subject of this GA. But during the more than three hours of debate and the subsequent video conference by AFP, there were no questions about it. When asked, FFR replied that the subject was discussed “during the club’s Agora” on Friday, but did not give details of what was said.

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Claude Atcher did not appear in GA. Labor inspectors confiscated by the Minister of Sports conducted an investigation at French headquarters after an article published by the Sports Daily on June 22, relating to “control by terrorism,” especially the secretary of the public interest group. have started. GIP) France-2023, against the backdrop of burnout, resignation, and anxiety attacks. FFR, a 62% shareholder of GIP, along with the state (37%) and the French National Olympic Sports Committee (CNOSF, 1%), immediately convened the Economic and Social Committee (CSE) of France-2023. At the end, it was decided to set up a free number and a “social audit” “to guarantee the reporting of anonymous reports”.

Asked in the evening of the announcement of the investigation, Claude Atcher did not want to react, asserting only “letting those responsible for the truth do their job.”

Critics are “more destructive”

In his speech on Saturday, the President of FFR Bernard Laporte only hinted at criticism of him as “more systematic, sometimes notorious, blameful and more destructive.” But he added, “it doesn’t matter.” “In our sport, we turn our faces up, do not avoid difficulties, and do not whine through the media.”

GA is an opportunity for FFR and the National Rugby League (LNR) to present a new agreement between 2022 and 2027, approved by 85.99% of the votes. “This ambitious agreement reflects the common desire to keep French players and teams at their best as the two major sporting events approach. The 2023 World Cup and 2024 Paris. FFR welcomed the communication.

With this agreement, especially this year, Bruce Fabien Galthié’s coaches will be made available by the club during the international window (summer and autumn tours, Tournament Six Nations and World) of 42 players. You can profit from the group. When asked by the manager about a recent decision by the Versailles Administrative Court and ordered the FFR to convey some accounting documents, Bernard Laporte replied, “You can tell me.”

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In this decision on June 23, team, The court ordered the FFR to convey these documents “within three months.” In another file, Claude Atcher, like Bernard Laporte, will appear in court in September in the context of alleged discrimination over the sponsorship of the French XV. He is brought to justice for “concealment of trust infringement,” “abuse of corporate assets,” and “concealed work by concealing activities.”