Rugby Sevens World Cup at Agen: A sportier ceremony than martial arts

The opening ceremony of the Seventh Military World Cup was held in Armandy last night. Mentally, I felt that I wanted to get closer to the general public.

After a month and a half of inactivity, Armandy Stadium was revived last night. There are no SUA players on the grass, but they are wearing uniforms from all over the world. Nevertheless, we were far from the rigorous and martial arts framework that military-organized events such as July 14th and commemorative ceremonies could undertake.

on the contrary. The opening notes of the Toulouse 11th Parachute Regiment Orchestra sounded more like a catchy refrain than military march music. The CNSD (National Center for Defense Sports), in the voice of its commander, clearly explains that General Dupuis de la Grandlive aims to remove this arms race from the public’s attention. did.

Therefore, the organizing team has been working on it. Yesterday, a wheelchair rugby demonstration from an injured war was organized on the streets of Agen. In Ajan, he nods to the Albert Ferrasse Foundation, which works for people who are seriously injured in rugby. And a beautiful image, a selection of South Korea and Spain, participated in the event and participated in this initiative at their own free will. “Sports are unified,” the organizer smiled.

Like the olympic games

The opening ceremony of this World Cup was held in the image of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Despite the heat wave at the end of the day, the delegations paraded in front of a crowded basket stand at a fast pace.

But again, we were far from the martial arts of soldiers parading. Rugby spirit and Seven spirit were dominant. The soldiers thus allowed the crowds who praised them to greet themselves in a friendly manner. A Spanish rugby player was waving a flag in response to the encouragement of his large delegation across the Pyrenees.

At the stand, an elegant Royal Air Force (Royal Air Force) officer emerged from the legendary sputum and was able to blow a whistle of encouragement as the two rugby teams passed.

On the applause meter, it was the French team that won the award. French rugby players and rugby players were able to see their opponents up close. They will find their opponents up close on the field tomorrow. At the stand, I noticed a huge hell of Uzbekistan’s first enemy, a man’s first enemy, who had to tackle quickly with his feet this weekend …

Men who fell from the sky

The highlight of the show, the flags of each country participating in this World Cup, arrived from the sky of Agen. Members of the French paratrooper team, released at an altitude of 1,600 meters, demonstrated their talent by landing directly in front of the delegation of colors they wore.

On the eve of the effective opening of the tournament, Philippe Sella welcomed these rugby players from all over the world. “Welcome to Ajan, everyone! You will have a great time this weekend. Make memories of your life!” That’s where the first Military Seventh Rugby World Cup begins. And that’s happening in Agen!

French team program

The French women’s and men’s army begins their competition today. This Friday and Saturday, we will compete on the group stage and the ranking will determine our participation in the final Sunday draw. Little is known about the level of Habu’s enemies. But a priori, men are heading for a more affordable pool than women facing the two Anglo-Saxon populations. However, due to the red heat wave warning, the times notified below are subject to change. At the time of writing these lines, I know that the meeting will take place between 7am and 10am. After that, it will resume after 4 pm.

French women’s military team
Friday: France-Uzbekistan
Friday: France-United Kingdom
Saturday: France-Spain
Saturday: France-Australia

French men’s army
Friday: France-Uzbekistan
Friday: France-Korea
Saturday: France – Côte d’Ivoire
Saturday: France-Spain