Running: Rodez Ekiden Race

On Saturday evening, June 11th, the team at the Foulées Rodez store won the sixth edition of the Rodez 6-seater Relay Marathon with 720 runners without shaking.

Take the entry head so as not to let go. This is what Foulées Rodez, a store specializing in running gear, went to Esplanade del Tenes in the prefecture this Saturday night.

A dazzling image of its youth in Aveyron’s sporting landscape since the sign opened on the road to Sévérac in the town of Onee just two weeks ago! “That was the strategy. Let’s start strong and keep pace,” said Simon Bootnet, captain and manager of the Luergate Shop, who was happy with the finish without hiding. A well-known bootnet for Averon specialists, a fan of multi-sports and a leader of the Armadok Club. Four of the six runners that night were members. Boutonnet has already won in 2020, and his other shop, he has won under the name of cyclist Boutonnet Cycle.

Except this time, he and Joris Delmas, Adrien Latestère, Corentin Causse, Jean-Vincent Carbou and Alex Molin-Pradel took more than 3 minutes to complete this unique and fascinating route of 42.195 km in 100% city. rice field. Sure, two years ago he finished at 2h28’47”, but yesterday after the effort of 2h25’10”, former Averon Cycling aspirant Molin-Pradel cut the final line. did. With a goat jump and his acolyte.

It’s far from the record of the event held by Rodez Tri12, the winner of the first edition of 2017, at 2 hours 19 minutes 57 seconds. But before the runners of the day, Simon Isard, Remi Andrade, Clovis Cramens, Baptist Valentin, Clement Perrin, and Endurance Shop Rodez’s Tibaud Balmeflesol (2h28’17”). Rodez Athletic Club won the podium at 2 hours 28 minutes 51 seconds.
On a night in the overwhelming heat, like the Foulées Rodez jersey, when the women’s team finished in second place, they scored almost two points, second only to the indestructible Belettes team.

Occitania Championship in the finder

The sixth edition of the Rodez Ekiden was successful, and even though it was far from the pre-Covid gauge (1,200 runners in 2017), the number of participants increased compared to last year (120 teams compared to 105 teams). .. Nonetheless, the organizers Center Presse and Midi Events will continue their work and set even higher goals. Indeed, and the marathon distance was recognized by the Federation yesterday, it is none other than a regional championship and therefore will award the titles of interest from the next edition.

A sporty night … not just a festival

This is one of the recipes for the event. In other words, it combines the sporting side with the cheerfulness. And in this sixth edition, the organizers of Center Presse ruined the guests and spectators who came along the route, especially to Esplanade Deltenez, the nerve center of the race. Inflatable children’s space, puzzle box, or ax throwing stand for older children. A concert during the race with PP prune as well as a refreshment bar and photo box. Since the introduction of Covid in 2020, it has been the first edition with no health restrictions. Real moments gathered around sports, humor, and city animation. As thought by the author of the test.