Russia excluded from football world, UEFA breaks partnership with Gazprom

Initially, Russia’s choice was to play a playoff match against Poland on March 24th. Poland continued to refuse to play, even in a neutral position. The game simply doesn’t happen as the battle in Ukraine intensifies. On Monday, February 28, FIFA announced the exclusion of Russia from the FIFA World Cup and the suspension of national teams and Russian clubs. “Until you get a notification later”..

In a joint press release with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), FIFA believes: “Football here is completely united and fully supports all affected people in Ukraine.” Two presidents. [Gianni Infantino pour la FIFA et Aleksander Ceferin pour l’UEFA] We hope that the situation in Ukraine will improve significantly and quickly and that football will once again become a vector of unity and peace among the people. »»

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End of partnership for € 40 million annually

UEFA also disbanded on Monday “Immediate effect” According to professional media, the contract is estimated at € 40 million annually and covers the Champions League, UEFA-sponsored international competitions and Euro 2024. Hosted in Germany.

Therefore, Russians, the host of the last World Cup of 2018, will be disqualified from the playoffs of the next World Cup in Qatar from November 21st to December 18th and will not be able to select women. .. Join the British Euro in July. Spartak Moscow, the last Russian club to compete in the European Cup this season, was also removed from the Europa League before playing against RB Leipzig in the 16th round.

Russia, deprived of the Cataly World Cup, realized that it was isolated from the sports world awaiting the decision of the International Paralympic Committee to speak on Wednesday, two days before the start of the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing.

IOC symbolically sanctions Vladimir Putin

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has already recommended to the International Federation on Monday. “Don’t invite” Russian and Belarusian athletes and teams from international sports competitions.Symbolically, the IOC has also withdrawn “Olympic Order” – Honorary degree awarded to personality “I showed the ideal of the Olympics” – To all Russian officials. For 20 years, including President Vladimir Putin, he has been instrumental in making sports a tool for national and international promotion.

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Russian Olympic Committee Chairman Stanislav Pozdonyakov said in a statement that the IOC’s decision was “Contrary to the rules and the Charter, first and foremost, especially when it comes to the equality of athletes and participants in the Olympic Movement, the spirit of the Olympic Movement, which aims to be united and undivided.”..

Without waiting for the IOC, some countries have already stated that they have refused to accept Russians competing there on their territory. The Champions League final has been withdrawn by the UEFA in St. Petersburg and the Russian F1 Grand Prix in Sochi has been canceled seven months before the scheduled date. Two very powerful measures that affect the iconic events of the Russian sport “soft power”.

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