Russia: Public TV journalists lift the corner of the “propaganda” veil

“Manipulation”, a fragment of reality twisted to form a “lie”, a false reference to the Nazis … A Russian journalist on a major television channel who resigned due to the war in Ukraine said “propaganda” from inside Tuesday. He saw. Reign in his country.

At a press conference hosted by an organization for the defense of RSF (Reporters Without Borders) journalists in Paris, “I heard from Russia that people learned to distinguish propaganda (…) and stopped being zombied. I want you, “Zhanna Agalakova justified.

Crossed the “red line”

“But I don’t think I have any other choice,” she added with tears, before saying, “I hesitated a lot.” Why not now and before the war in Ukraine? “I compromised on my career,” but there was a “red line.” She answered during this conference, partly in French and partly translated from Russian.

In mid-March, another journalist, Marina Ovsyannikova, jumped into Pervy Kanal’s television news and impressed with the signs of condemning the attack in Ukraine.

“Recently, there has been some turmoil within these propaganda media,” said RSF Secretary-General Christophe Deloire, along with Zanna Agarakova, with “a certain number of resignations that are difficult to quantify.”

She avoids the pronunciation of the name “Putin”

A journalist, a European correspondent on the public television channel Pervy Kanal, said he resigned on March 3, a week after the invasion of Ukraine. She describes the Russian media system, which “just conveys the Kremlin’s point of view.”

“Our news does not show the country, we do not see Russia. We only see the first man in the country, what he ate, the one he shook hands, we He even saw him shirtless, but I don’t know if he’s married or has children, “she said, not pronouncing President Vladimir Putin’s name.

Nazist debate endures

“Power is trying to strangle independent media,” she estimates, and the lack of “free press” leads to “national suicide.” Zhanna Agalakova emphasized that the dissonance in the army was “powered by chords that were very sensitive to the Russians” by claiming to fight a group of Nazis to justify their actions in Ukraine. You may be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

“When you hear the word Nazi in Russia, there is only one reaction. You need to destroy it, because the country remains traumatized by World War II and its” 27 million dead “Soviet Union. There is. It’s an operation, a big lie.

Zhanna Agalakova has not been working on Russian soil since 2005. After announcing her news, she became a correspondent in Paris that year, she held the same position in New York in 2013, and then she returned to France.

“I thought I could avoid becoming propaganda by talking about life in Europe, especially in Paris,” she said. According to her, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in 2014 in the Crimean Peninsula and the Donbus region, complicating matters. At that time, she was a correspondent in New York. “I was no longer safe from publicity. I was just going to talk about the negative things about the United States, like the abused adopted children,” she explained. ..

“Sanctions mainly affect the middle class”

“I didn’t lie, all the facts were real, but if you take the real facts and confuse them, you’re going to lie big,” she continued. “Many journalists, producers, or people working in the media think like me,” she said.

“It’s easy to blame them. It’s easy to ask why they don’t resign or protest (…) but the people there have families, older parents, children, and homes. They Is a hostage of the situation, “she insisted.

She criticized the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations. “They mainly affect the middle class, those who share democratic values. In this story, you lose your allies.”