Russia says it used supersonic missiles

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11:52 : French and Austrian ice hockey players will play the 2022 World Cup (May 13-29) in Finland after eliminating Russia and Belarus following the invasion of Ukraine, the League of Nations has announced. did. In Finland, Bruce will replace Group A Russia in Helsinki (Defender), Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Kazakhstan and Italy.

11:30 am : Since the outbreak of the Russian invasion on February 24 and the start of bombardment of Ukrainian cities, caregivers have had to adapt to injuries and interventions that were not always ready. At a military hospital in Zaporizhia, surgeon Alishar Favat told franceinfo: “Some injuries are caused by weapons prohibited by international law, so as evidence, we remove the bomb debris from our bodies and take pictures.”

10:26 : In the local daily newspaper Republican berry When Press center I am interested in the acceptance of Ukrainian refugees in France.

10:23 : Press review Le Figaro Those who are interested in oligarchs, “Russia’s weak link”,and cross Back to “Three days when Europe changed”..

10:35 am : “The Belarusians believe that this is not just a special operation, it was Vladimir Putin who decided to bomb the peaceful population, and the Belarusians are against it.”

As part of Belarusian public opinion, the currently exiled opposition leader, Svyatlana Tihanovskya, wanted to keep himself away from the actions of President Alexander Lukashenko. “Lukashenko does not represent the people of Belarus. He is the throne and Putin’s doll. He only represents himself and a group of his bandits.”We guarantee that you will find the man in the video taken in front of the city hall in Lviv, Ukraine, in this article.

10:10 am : Since the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko in August 2020 and the subsequent crackdown struggle, he has fled the country for many Belarusians, especially Ukraine. Some, like Gleb, have chosen to join the Ukrainians. “”I don’t want to let the kids say one day. My father might have tried something against the Russians, but he didn’t do anything. You should try “He talks to franceinfo.

10:19 : Peer de Jong, Vice President of Thermiis Institute, has guaranteed Russia to France Amfo by launching these supersonic missiles. “Find accuracy” When “Finally, I feel there is an acceleration in the process.”..These missiles “Electromagnetic decoys, which cause them to interfere with the Ukrainian anti-aircraft system”..

09:45 : Nigina has escaped from the ever-increasing crackdown in Russia.New censorship law “It is forbidden to use the word” war “to refer to the invasion of Ukraine.”About the pain of spending 15 years in jail. “I realized that I can no longer exercise my profession freely.”, Testify to this independent journalist.With the other four “Neither refugee nor actual expatriate”She tells the reason for her departure in this article.


10:20 am : “When I arrived in Istanbul, I learned that Russian bank cards would soon stop working abroad. We went out late at night and tried to empty our account. A little over half between withdrawal fees and exchange rates. I had lost. What we had. “

Ianna had no plans to leave Russia before the invasion of Ukraine. “”I left for fear of getting stuck behind the new Iron Curtain. “Confess the producer of the short film.

09:33 : “If I didn’t want to risk being mobilized for the war in Ukraine [le Kremlin] One day, the conscription system was decided. “

Nikita, a 26-year-old researcher living in St. Petersburg, joined her girlfriend in France in early March. “The outlook was not very good for a liberal like me in Russia.”He explains.

09:26 : By plane, train or car, I put all my luggage in my suitcase and left suddenly. In the weeks following the invasion of Ukraine, more and more Russians decided to leave their country for fear of oppression and conscription. Five of them told me why they chose to uproot or leave their families behind.


09:20 : These “Kinjar” hypersonic ballistic missiles and “Zircon” cruise missiles belong to a family of new weapons developed by Russia.These missiles are described by Vladimir Putin as follows:“invincible”..

10:21 am : Therefore, Russia has announced that it has used a “Kinjar” supersonic missile to destroy an underground weapons warehouse in western Ukraine. This is the first time this type of ballistic missile has been used, according to state agency Leah Novosti. According to Moscow, this type of missile is extremely mobile and counters all anti-aircraft defense systems.

09:16 : “It’s time to be together. It’s time to speak. It’s time to restore territorial integrity and justice for Ukraine.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes it is time to agree that Russia will stand “Reunion” for “discuss” Seriously peace. “Ukraine’s peace and security negotiations are the only opportunity for Russia to minimize the damage caused by its mistakes.”Zelensky said in a video posted on Facebook.

10:23 : Start from the news point.

• The Russian Defense Ministry said the day before it used a “Kinjar” supersonic missile to destroy an underground weapons warehouse in western Ukraine. Follow our live.

• China has recorded the first two deaths from Covid-19 in more than a year. These first deaths since January 26, 2021 in mainland China bring pandemic casualties to 4,638 people in the country, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macau.

• France will hold a ceremony in Elysee, where Emmanuel Macron once again begs for Emmanuel Macron to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Evian Accords and the ceasefire in Algeria. “appeasement” Memories on both banks of the Mediterranean.

• Fabien Galthié’s French XV is just 80 minutes from the Grand Slam of the Six Nations tournament, which has avoided it for 12 years, in contrast to England tonight (9 pm).