Russia stops using Soyuz from Cooloo and earns points

Not surprisingly, Moscow responded to the sanctions imposed by the European Union and European countries. The director of Roscosmos has announced the suspension of the Soyuz launch from Cooloo. A decision to influence the 2022 manifesto of Arianespace to market Soyuz. The postponement of the launch for several months has already been mentioned in impacting Arianespace and its customers.

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In Moscow’s response to European sanctions after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Soyuz To Guiana Space Center I hit the (CSG) mark. If this outage lasts for months or finally, Arianespace will land several satellites from Europe, the European Space Agency, and OneWeb, which will be launched in 2022 and 2023. This is the time for Arianespace to find an alternative solution. It’s not simple.

With this seemingly harmless decision, RussiaAutonomy Access to European space.Especially since the transition to Vega C When Ariane 6It is highly uncertain because the test run dates for these two new launchers, promoted by Soyuz, are undecided.

After five launches in 2020, it was carried out twice from CSG, nine times in 2021, only once from CSG, and others from the Russian spaceport. Baikonur Arianespace’s Vostochny planned to launch up to eight Soyuz this year, including three from Courou.

After the first flight of OneWeb from CSG on February 10, Arianespace planned two other flights from Courou, each launching two new satellites. Galileo constellation.. The second launch of the year was scheduled for April. Therefore, it will be postponed to an unknown date. In 2023, Arianespace will launch a satelliteEarth observation EarthCARE is a European and Japanese space agency, and Euclid Infrared Space Telescope ofESA.. The French government also planned to launch a CSO-3 reconnaissance satellite in Soyuz in early 2023.

Unprecedented operational puzzles for Arianespace

If this outage is very bad news for Arianespace from a commercial and financial point of view, it’s even worse from the point of view of the launch organization! Arianespace has no alternative to Soyuz,Ariane 6..When a satellite is launched Galileo Scientists can be delayed for months, and OneWeb, Soyuz’s primary private client for Arianespace, may not be so patient.Therefore, turn to a foreign launcher, probably an American, to launch the satellite. sign..

In this new geopolitical situation, the issue of choosing a backup for Ariane 6 (in case of operational issues) becomes a priority. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, Soyuz was considered a natural backup for Ariane 6, especially for organizational missions. This is why negotiations have been underway since 2023 to use the Russian launcher at a less regular pace.Indeed, with Ariane 6 Vega C, for European taste Matter Launch, European institutional customers using Soyuz will switch to these two new launchers. This Ariane 6 backup issue will be discussed at the ESA Ministerial Board meeting in November.

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