Russian and Belarus teams lose status-news

Union Cyclist International has decided on a second wave of sanctions against the Russian and Belarusian federations in response to the military invasion of Ukraine that began last Thursday.

Following the IOC, which requested the League of Nations to exclude Russian and Belarus teams on Monday, the UCI Executive Committee has taken some steps to adapt to the cycling situation.

-All Russian or Belarus choices are prohibited from attending UCI International Calendar events.

-UCI team status will be revoked from all Russian and Belarusian sports groups.
This has to do with:
Gazprom-RusVelo (ProTeam)
Vozrozhdenie (Conti)
Marathon-Tula Cycling Team (UCI Track Team)
CCN Factory Racing (Conti)
Minsk Cycling Club (Conti)
Minsk Cycling Club (Women’s Conti).

However, Russian and Belarus license holders who are members of foreign teams can continue to participate in UCI events. License holders from both countries may also participate in UCI International Calendar events if personal registration is permitted. However, subsequent references to Russia and Belarus are replaced by neutral denominations. “”The decision not to generally prohibit Russian and Belarusian riders from attending all international events is based on the balance of all interests involved. This includes taking into account the contractual rights of the riders and teams involved and not imposing unreasonable penalties on non-Russian or Belarusian teams.“, Specify the press release.

The UCI also requires organizers, spectators and competitors to respect Russian and Belarusian riders in the competitions they are allowed to participate in.

Cases of foreign runners from two Allied sports groups in the Ukrainian invasion are also foreseen. “”Specific steps will be considered to allow riders and staff of Russian and Belarus teams to enroll in non-Russian or Belarusian UCI teams outside the registration period.“Add UCI.

-All Russian and Belarus events from the 2022 UCI calendar will be withdrawn and the League of Nations will not consider other registration requests. As DirectVelo pointed out, this is a concern (Read hereThe Grand Prix of Moscow and St. Petersburg is in orbit, and the Moscow Five Ring (2.2) is on the road.

-The national championships of both countries will be removed from the UCI calendar.

-Russian and Belarus national champion shirts are banned. Therefore, Alexander Vlasov loses the right to wear his national jersey in a time trial. Emblems, flags, national anthems and other symbols of these two countries are prohibited at UCI calendar events.

-Russian and Belarus applications for hosting UCI events will not be considered.

-UCI prohibits the organizers of UCI calendar events from inviting clubs, regional teams, or mixed teams from Russia and Belarus.

-UCI will not appoint an international commissaire in Russia or Belarus for events on the UCI calendar until further notice.

-Event teams and organizers are required not to give visibility to Russian and Belarus sponsors at UCI International Calendar events.

Meanwhile, the Russian-Belarus federation said, “They are not involved in the breach of the Olympic Truce“According to the discussions advocated by the IOC, representatives of these federations will continue to participate in the UCI as well.”As long as they are not directly involved in the breach of the Olympic TruceThis is the case with Igor Makarov, a member of the Steering Committee and president of the Areti Group, which specializes in oil and gas, and Viacheslav Ekimov, chairman of the Russian Federation and a member of the Professional Cycling Council.

All of these measures apply immediately to both Russia and Belarus, as well as all categories and disciplines. “”Those applications are valid until you are notified later.“, Closing the UCI.