Russian oligarchs are far from Vladimirputin

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Critics are no longer silent during the oligarchy. On the fifth day of Russia’s war on Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, a powerful Russian oligarchy businessman publicly criticized the head of state’s decision and its consequences.It is an economic factor that Oleg Deripaska, the founder of the aluminum giant Rusal, decided to attack on Monday. At the end of ” State capitalism »» In a country facing an economic crisis due to sanctions. “” It’s a real crisis there and we need a real crisis manager (…) we absolutely have to change economic policy to put an end to all this state capitalism. Will not be AFP reports that he is writing about telegram messaging. Billionaire also said, ” Clarification and clear comments About economic policy for the next 3 months “.

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“Saving Europe from war”

Other oligarchs, like the owner of the British daily Evgeny Lebedev, openly opposed the Ukrainian invasion without much emphasis on their economic concerns. Evening standard “, In a column published by his own newspaper.” Europe is on the verge of another war and the world is approaching the possibility of a nuclear accident. Take advantage of today’s negotiations to end this horrific conflict in Ukraine. And to prevent Russians from killing their Ukrainian brothers and sisters “, He begs and specifies to speak as follows:” Russian citizen “. corn ” As a British citizen, I ask you to save Europe from the war “, He added.

A few hours ago, it was Oleg Tinkov, the founder of Tinkoff Bank, who criticized the Russian military’s move against Ukraine and its population. In an Instagram post, he said,In Ukraine, innocent people die every day. It is unthinkable and unacceptable. “He is the head of a charity working on the fight against cancer, and he decided:” The state should spend money on people’s treatment and research Not for war, but for defeating cancer.. »»

Roman Abramovich said, “ Please help me find a solution »»

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These protests are in addition to the letter that Billionaire sent to employees of his investment company, Letter One, already made by Mikhail Fridman. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Mikhail Fridman, the 79th property in the world, said: I was convinced that war would never be the answer. This crisis will kill and devastate two sister nations for hundreds of years. “, He writes.

Some protests, and others More directly involvedLike Roman Abramovich, the owner of the football club, Chelsea FC had a reputation for being close to Vladimir Putin. On Saturday, he announced his withdrawal from the club’s management and closed the Museum of Contemporary Art he founded in Moscow. According to his spokesman, he also said, ” I was contacted by Ukraine to help find a solution and have been trying to help ever since“. Some media even echo Its presence in ongoing negotiations in Belarus.. A rare initiative for these businessmen, heirs and survivors of the economic oligarchy that Vladimir Putin set out to take over as soon as he came to power.