Russian ropes are tightened around Kiev

The facade of a building in the Kalkivsky district of Kiev destroyed by an air raid on February 25, 2022.

Residents of the Ukrainian capital changed from surprise to fear as they discovered the magnitude of Russia’s military attack on their country and the line of tanks was mercilessly approaching Kiev. Over time, more and more people try to leave the city, even if they don’t succumb to panic.

Latest live information: Russian attack enters the second day, an explosion was heard in Kiev

Even if predicted and announced, the war surprised the Kiev people. “I think no one believed it in the first few hours, except for those directly involved in this conflict … when I woke up and learned that Russian missiles had fallen into Kiev. I was hallucinating, and I don’t know any friends, neighbors, or colleagues I’ve never been to. “Confesses Vladimir, a family from the Donbas region in the eastern part of the country, accustomed to the sounds of war.

Some residents were honored to patrol the town, while others went to underground shelters with all air alerts, and many simply stayed home waiting for head-on news, thousands. Many people headed west. Train and bus stations were attacked after a line of cars was rushing towards the city of Lviv or Poland. So far, trains and buses are still running.

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Growing public interest

In front of the ticket office at the station, Kievan sometimes waits for hours before he can buy a ticket. They are calm. They usually carry small luggage, just bags and suitcases, as if they were going home as soon as the dispute was over. Some people just want to go to the countryside at their family’s house and avoid the recent bombardment, while others take the train to Poland without knowing when they will meet Kiev again.

At the bus stop, there is calm except in front of the bus to Lviv. This western city, where families associated with governments and foreign embassies have already been evacuated, is the most popular. From there they will wait to find out if Russia suspends the attack or, conversely, Russia invades and completely occupies the country. From there, they also make it easy to get to Poland quickly.

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Musician Ratmir Beloded is waiting in the parking lot and picking up a guitar. In front of him, a group of Ukrainians are struggling with foreign workers and immigrants to get on the bus. The composer and DJ talks about how his life has changed. “Last night I finally completed the EP I’ve been working on for a year. It should be called. Death Ambient.. I finished my work around 4am and told myself that I was finally going to rest for a few days. An hour later it was a war. »» Looking for an uncrowded bus, Ratmir Beloded said he didn’t. “I’m not waiting for the Russians who might be there tomorrow.”.. After Lviv, he continues his journey to Frankfurt, Germany.

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