“Russian troops are not ready and face galvanized Ukrainians,” said a former commander of the U.S. military in Europe.

A week after the attack by Vladimir Putin, Russian troops appear to be stagnant in Ukraine. Even as they proceed south and east of the country, Russian soldiers have not succeeded in robbing Kyiv with a huge convoy stationary at the gates of the Ukrainian capital.

Retired Vice Admiral Ben Hodges, a former U.S. Army commander, is “unprepared” in the face of Ukrainians “energized” by President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is “fighting to protect his country.” Say you are watching. But Moscow, which flooded northern Kharkov, where paratroopers landed overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, seems to be changing its strategy. And the situation can be “worse” for civilians.

Russia’s progress seems to be more difficult than expected. Is it due to Ukrainian resistance or Russia’s lack of preparation?

It’s a combination of both. The Ukrainian army outperforms its performance thanks to its leadership and determination. It’s impressive. They have the defensive advantage of fighting at their home base. They know every village, every town. And, as we have seen in Afghanistan, it has an impact on the morale of fighting to protect our country. Despite the attacker’s advantage over initiative, timing and targets, the Russian army is clearly declining in performance. She also has a clear advantage in the air and at sea, but not so much on the ground.

What are the main problems of the Russian army?

Many indicators indicate that it is an army that is poorly prepared, poorly trained, or has disciplinary problems. There are many broken or abandoned vehicles running from bumper to bumper, like this convoy near Kyiv. It makes them an easy target. And with low morale, soldiers don’t know where they are heading or what their purpose is. Russians do not take care of their army like France and the United States. If a soldier is killed, his family will receive $ 100 worth of compensation.

Everything is on the battlefield, especially when playing against galvanized Ukrainians. I’ve been watching them for eight years and have always been impressed not only by their tenacity, but also by the speed at which they learn and learn. By their technical knowledge.

Supply problems are common during large-scale aggression. Will Russia reorganize and adapt?

Yes, they need to reassess and adjust the situation. They have no choice. But they have a fundamental problem. This 60km convoy cannot be looked back and started over. Ukrainians try to attack these vulnerable vehicles, even if there are no drones and limited means in the air.

Can the delivery of Stinger missiles and dozens of fighters make a real difference in Ukrainian air defense?

Yes, Stinger is useful for helicopters and drones. For a fighter, it’s not just about getting a fighter. You must be able to perform their maintenance and have enough ammunition … there is an entire system for installation and hope they work quickly. And as the Russians try to attack them, you must be able to store them in a well-protected base.

According to US intelligence, Vladimir Putin is dissatisfied with the difficulties encountered. Is there a risk of returning to his normal strategy and letting him talk about Russian firepower?

absolutely. The situation can get worse. They have already begun using cluster weapons and are targeting civilian buildings (especially Kharkov) and will continue to do so. It remains to know the status of their ammunition inventory.

Ukrainian intelligence is preparing a large-scale attack on Kyiv by thousands of airborne troops with Putin’s ultimate goal of occupying Ukraine or dividing the country into two east-west zones. I guessed. Is this a possible scenario?

They will surely try, but all their attempts to take over the airport have failed. Ukraine is a vast country. An army of 150,000 or 200,000 soldiers seems huge. But to get the idea, Wembley Stadium in England can accommodate 100,000 people. And we’re not talking about 200,000 infantry with machine guns. Everyone, including the driver. I don’t think they have the ability to take over the whole country.

Ukraine is getting stronger every day with the help of the West and is determined. As Napoleon said, “In war, three-quarters are a moral issue. The actual balance of power is only one-quarter.”

Ukraine No-fly zone, Currently excluded by the White House. What is the calculation?

There are three main factors that the President of the United States should consider. first, No-fly zoneYou must have an empty NATO plane ready to shoot down a Russian plane. Second, we didn’t send pilots until we neutralized the enemy’s anti-aircraft defenses on the ground. This means bombing Russian troops in Ukraine and perhaps Russia. And if one of the planes is shot down, you need to be ready to pick up the pilot in Russia’s sovereign territory. Although we are capable, we are very reluctant to avoid the risk of a direct war with Russia, the possibility of invoking NATO Article 5 (collective defense), and the risk of escalation to a nuclear war. But we must continue to unite and double economic and diplomatic pressure. Bringing weapons to Ukraine with something like the Berlin Blockade airlift and supplying them with the materials they need to fight.

Need to worry about Putin’s nuclear incendiary rhetoric?

Don’t underestimate. But for years Russia has threatened Sweden, Denmark and Poland to use nuclear weapons. Putin has nothing else he is free to use for deterrence. In the (traditional) conflict between NATO and Russia, there is no comparison.

Can Putin really use nuclear weapons or is this part of a bluff? Madman theory (Crazy theory)?

He believes it can be done. My hope is that there are enough people around him who know the disaster this represents and he listens to them.If not, that heritage (Historical mark) Instead of rebuilding the Russian Empire as he dreamed of, he would be responsible for the destruction of Russia.