Russian troops attack along the Russian-Belarus border and guarantee Ukrainian border guards

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07:38 : The beginning of the war in Ukraine has the first impact on the market. Oil prices exceeded $ 100 this morning for the first time in more than seven years, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell by more than 3% at the time of opening.

07:35 : The world must be created “Anti-Putin coalition” for “Force peace in Russia”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says. He spoke with several leaders this morning, including US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz.

07:33 : The French Embassy in Ukraine has opened “Crisis unit” For the French in the country. She can contact +38055 590 36 39. Last night Paris called on the people to leave Ukraine, but Kiev closed the airspace for civil aviation this morning after announcing the Russian attack.

07:32 : The French Embassy in Ukraine has set up a crisis management office for the French people in the country.

07:30 : A little later, there is a press review for the day. Most newspapers, some of which were completed last night before the Russian attack was announced, clearly mention the situation in Ukraine.


(West France)


07:31 : There is so much information about Ukraine this morning, so let’s briefly summarize the situation.

• Vladimir Putin announced this morning at 4am (French time). a “Military operations” In Ukraine.. Russian troops claim to target Ukrainian military targets.

• In response to this invasion, Ukraine closed its airspace to civil aviation and its president. Martial law enacted.. Explosions rang in several cities across the country, and bombing prevention sirens rang in the capital Kiev.

• The international community has strongly condemned Russia’s attack announced by Vladimir Putin during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The resolution, led by the United States, will be submitted before this agency today.

07:20 : A special correspondent for France Television in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, reports this morning that several residents are lining up to withdraw cash. Some vending machines are already empty. I heard some explosions in this city this morning. According to Maryse Burgot, it is the Ukrainian military infrastructure targeted by the Russian army.

(France information)

07:20 : German Chancellor Olaf Scholz launches Russia’s attack on Ukraine “A stunning violation of international law”Speaking of “Dark day” For the whole of Europe. “Germany condemns this shameless act by the president in the strongest possible language. Putin, our solidarity goes to Ukraine and its people. “He added.

07:04 : “President Putin chose the path of bloodshed and destruction in launching this unprovoked attack. Britain and our allies will respond decisively.”

07:02 : “We strongly condemn Russia’s unjustified attacks on Ukraine. In these dark times, our thoughts are innocent in the face of Ukraine and this provocative attack and fear of their lives. It’s in women, men and children. We ask Kremlin for an explanation. “

07:21 : “Only Russia is responsible for the death and destruction caused by this attack …. The world will be responsible for Russia.”

06:57 : Russia’s attack on Ukraine has evoked many reactions from the international community and strongly condemned Vladimir Putin’s decision. Take inventory in this article.

07:22 : “The Ukrainian border was attacked by Russian troops from Russia and Belarus.”The Ukrainian Border Guard reports in a statement.These attacks were specifically carried out using:“”artillery”.

07:23 : The United States will submit a resolution today before the UN Security Council condemns Russia. “war” In Ukraine, according to the United Nations Ambassador to the United States. According to an anonymous diplomat quoted by AFP, the text could be voted on tomorrow.

06:37 : Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on his fellow citizens to: “Don’t panic” In a short video posted on Facebook in the face of a Russian attack. “We are ready for anything, we will win.”He guaranteed.

07:25 : Several journalists from AFP, BFMTV, and CNN report hearing a bombing prevention warning siren in the heart of Kiev. Explosions of unknown origin occurred this morning in the capital and several towns in eastern Ukraine.

06:29 : A bombing prevention warning siren sounds in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

07:26 : A statement by Vladimir Putin has triggered a tense exchange between the UN ambassador to Ukraine and his Russian counterpart. “Call Putin (…) Stop this attackDid he declare? There is no purgatory for war criminals, they go straight to hell. “

07:27 : “In the name of mankind, let’s not allow the outbreak in Europe, which may be the worst war since the beginning of the century. [Si cela] It’s hard to predict how dramatic it will be in terms of the number of people who die, the number of people who are expelled, and the number of people who lose hope for the future, as it will lead to a full-scale war. “

07:27 : “”[Ce conflit] You need to stop now. President Putin, in the name of mankind, bring your army back to Russia! “

06:12 : Vladimir Putin’s surprising speech was given when the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the Ukrainian crisis. This decision, “At the very moment this council meets, it shows contempt that Russia holds international law and the United Nations.”Reacted with the French ambassador to the United Nations.

06:09 : Russian Ministry of Defense “High precision weapon” Several Ukrainian military facilities where Moscow launched a military operation this morning. “Military infrastructure, air defenses, military airfields, Ukrainian aviation will be harmless.”He says.

07:29 : The first point of this Thursday morning news is:

• Vladimir Putin gave a surprise television speech at 4 am (French), where he “Military operations” In Ukraine, to the Ukrainian army “Throw away the weapon”.. Follow the latest information on our live.

• Russian troops said they were targeting Ukrainian military facilities. “High precision weapon”.. Explosions were heard in Kharkov, Odessa, and Kiev, but no one knew the cause of these explosions.

• The President of Ukraine has announced the introduction of martial law in the country in response to the Russian attack.The foreign minister claims that Russia is currently doing so “Large aggression”While Kiev is closing airspace to civilian flights.

Congress yesterday adopted an extension of the legal deadline for abortion from 12 to 14 weeks to address the shortage of practitioners and the gradual closure of the center.

07:39 : Vladimir Putin in a surprise TV speech at 4am (French) “Military operations” In Ukraine. The Russian president said he would like to defend pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country. “We strive to achieve denazification and denazification of Ukraine.”He said without specifying the range of this “transaction”..

(France information)

05:58 : Russian President Vladimir Putin “Military operations” In Ukraine, Kiev “Large aggression”.