Russian troops claim to have conquered the city of Kherson in the south of the country

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08:30 : MeHe is also a Russian spokesman, Igor Konashenkov. “Civil engineering infrastructure” Public transportation is operating normally in Kherson.

08:36 : Russian troops claim to have ruled the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine.

8:25 : This morning, franceinfo also collected the testimony of Irina, a Ukrainian French teacher based in Kharkov, where the Russian Airborne Troops landed overnight. She says she heard an explosion from her home this morning.

08:17 : Military expert Dominique Trinkand made a precise reference to the logistical problems that the Russian army may be facing this morning in Amfo, France. Find his intervention in our article.

08:14 : Hello @ Marina.. This Russian convoy was observed overnight on US satellite imagery from Monday to Tuesday, but has not moved since then, and is therefore still 25 km away from the Ukrainian capital, in this article. It states that there is a special envoy of France in the square. How would you describe this immobility? Not sure, but it could be due to a lack of gasoline and supply.

08:09 : Hello, do you know the Russian convoy is approaching Kyiv?

08:08 : “Today we are in a situation where it affects European countries and we are tackling the problem in another way (…) We want to do it for everyone and stop these discriminatory policies. “

To facilitate the movement of Ukrainian refugees, SNCF announced on Monday free transportation by French train. From now on, unions and associations are calling for the generalization of this free admission for all refugees.

08:02 : “France can welcome everyone who comes forward.Guarantees Didier Leschi, Director of the French Immigration and Integration Agency (Ofii). He was asked about Ukrainian refugees at the French Inter in this morning.

07:50 : “I heard the suitcase fall and jumped. The car is too fast and I’m thinking of a rocket. I can’t imagine trauma. It’s for life.”

Today, David is in Hungary with his family. He already knows that this asylum will mark him forever in his head and body.

07:48 : The time that lasts is infinite and unforgettable. He drives for 19 hours without stopping. Arrived at Vinnytsia, a town southwest of Kyiv, “There were hallucinations, shadows were visible, and the road was a kaleidoscope.”He testifies.

07:47 : At dawn on February 24, the bomb was dropped at 5 am in an army position 10 kilometers away from Kharkivs’s house. “The house shook, I heard the sound of death. It’s not in your body, but in your soul.”, He recalls. In a hurry, he gets into the car with his whole family and heads west.

07:44 : According to the United Nations, six days after Russia invaded Ukraine, more than 677,000 people fled the war and flocked to neighboring countries. David Currot, a Frenchman living in Kharkov, talked about his rush departure with his family and his trip to Ukraine under the bombing. At the end of February 2022, David Culottes fled the war by driving with his family somewhere in Ukraine.  (DAVID CULOT) (DAVID CULOT)

07:30 : Sberbank withdraws from the European market. The announcement by Russia’s largest banking group came after extensive economic sanctions were imposed in retaliation for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. “”The group’s subsidiary banks are facing anomalous outflows and threats to the safety of their employees and offices. “ The group said in a statement quoted by a Russian news agency.

07:19 : Finally, other daily newspapers correctly cover the situation of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the battle and heading to Western Europe.

07:14 : For that part, Southwest Go to another Ukrainian city, Lviv. Every day, we publish a report on the influx of Ukrainians on their way to Poland in this city west of the country.

07:09 : The expected attack by Russian troops on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has been talked about in many newspaper stores this morning.

07:04 : In Europe, sanctions imposed on Russian banks are already influential. EU banking regulators announced last night that the European subsidiary of Sberbank, a Russian bank weakened by these measures decided after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, will file for bankruptcy. The assets of financial institution clients are guaranteed up to € 100,000, as required by European law in this area.

06:45 : ExxonMobil will gradually withdraw from Russia’s major oil fields. Therefore, the American oil giant is acting on behalf of the Sakhalin 1 project, a consortium of Russian, Indian and Japanese companies. In a press release, the group guarantees that it will no longer invest in new projects in Russia.

06:38 : Hello @ This audience! Russia is subject to many sanctions, including sports. When it comes to tennis, the ATP (like the WTA) has shown that Russians and Belarusians can continue to participate in the tournament, “Not under the flag” In their country, and “Until you get a notification later.”

06:37 : Hello, is almost the first Medbenev also banned from class?

06:34 : “I had a mission for my country.”

Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina easily defeated Russia’s Anastasia Potapova (81st) tonight at the WTA Tennis Tournament in Monterey, Mexico. “Thanks for your support as all the prize money I earn here will be sent to the army.“With the applause of the masses, I declared a very moving athlete.


06:23 : To enforce sanctions against Russia, Visa, Mastercard and AmEx have removed Russian banks from their card network.Therefore, Mastercard “Blocked by multiple financial institutions” The company’s CEO said in a post on Monday evening about the payment network.

06:20 : On the seventh day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Kharkov is already seriously injured. At least 10 people were killed and more than 20 were injured in several bombings yesterday in a city of 1.4 million people living near the Russian border, according to local governments.

06:18 : Russian Airborne Troops landed in Kharkov overnight, Ukrainian troops said in a telegram.She reports on-going battles in the second city of Ukraine and guarantees that the Russian army has “Attacked the hospital” local.

06:16 : “Putin is now more isolated than ever from other parts of the world.”

Joe Biden forcibly attacks Vladimir Putin, During his first “State of the Union” in Washington.He blamed “dictator” WHO “I thought the West and NATO wouldn’t react.” To the invasion of Ukraine.

06:03 : The first points to remember from the news are:

• Russia has stepped up its attacks. Yesterday’s bombing killed at least 18 people in Kharkov and 5 in Kyiv. During the day, a Russian strike targeted Kyiv’s television tower, killing five people.

• Oil prices continued to rise. This morning, Brent’s barrel exceeded $ 110 for the first time since 2014. In Asia, it reached $ 110.87 overnight, up 5.6%, while the US WTI rose 5.7% to $ 109.22.

• Eric Zemmour, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Marine Le Pen have exceeded the threshold of 500 sponsorships raised to become presidential candidates, the Constitutional Council has announced.

• Nice puts an end to Versailles’ little thumb dream and enters the finals. Les Aiglons easily won 2-0.