Russians enter Mariupol and bomb Mykolaiv, Ukrainian troops resist
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  • Russian troops on Friday, March 18 The city of Mariupol, surrounded by at least 300,000 inhabitants 18 days. Street fighting takes place near the center of the city, with 50 to 100 bombs dropped daily and hundreds of shells and rockets dropped into residential areas.
  • Airstrikes continued rapidly in MykolaivAccording to the local governor, a town in the southern part of the country where dozens of soldiers were killed in a strike against a military barracks the day before. “More than 200 soldiers were sleeping in the barracks.”Said to the soldiers interviewed on the spot, according to it “At least 50 bodies were extracted”..
  • Ministry of Defense of Russia On Saturday, it announced that it had used a Kinjar hypersonic missile the day before. Destroy an underground weapons warehouse in western Ukraine. Russia has never reported the use of this ballistic missile in two conflicts between Ukraine and Syria. According to Moscow, this type of missile is extremely mobile and counters all anti-aircraft defense systems. “Unfortunately Ukraine has become a test site for all Russian missile weapons.”A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said.
  • War in Ukraine Over 3.3 million Ukrainians (90% women and children) have been forced to leave the country, According to the United Nations. About 6.5 million people are believed to be internally displaced.
  • Head of the Russian delegation Talk to Kyiv On Friday he said settlement »« Position for questions Ukraine’s neutral and NATO non-members “On his side, the President of Ukraine Asked for serious discussion, A solemn video, shot at night in Kyiv and abandoned. “” It’s time to get together. It’s time to discuss.It’s time to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and justice “Wolodymyr Zelensky says. “Otherwise, Russia’s losses would take several generations to recover. »»
  • On Friday, the President of the United States Joe Biden and his Chinese Xi Jinping finished an hour and 50 minute interview on Friday...The United States said Thursday that China would face retaliation if so “Supporting the invasion of Russia”.. Russia gave up voting on the Security Council resolution on the resolution on Thursday evening due to lack of support from its nearest allies.

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