Russia’s invasion of Ukraine confuses the countryside

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday forced candidates to show their unity by stopping the French presidential campaign, postponing some of their trips, and condemning the armed intervention ordered by Vladimir Putin. I let you.

At least one day, like the air of a sacred union: Emmanuel Macron unanimously from the candidates for six weeks from the first round of the French “unity” in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, February 24. Was accused. Of the presidential election.

In a short speech on television, the President-elect called for “not to give in to the principles of our freedom, sovereignty and democracy,” and this “act of war” was “deep into our lives and geopolitics.” It has lasting consequences, “warned the French. Of our continent. “

He also promised that France and its allies would decide on sanctions against Russia “at the height of the guilty aggression.” Emmanuel Macron also needs to send a message to Congress during the solemn session on Friday.

Right and left presidential candidates condemn the armed intervention on Thursday, demanding a ceasefire, mixing Moscow-targeted diplomatic action with harsh sanctions, and ecologist Yannick Jadot delivering weapons to Kiev. Asked.

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Included in the camp of Russia’s most generous people in Putin, including the rebellious French leader Jean-Luc Melenchon and the far-right candidates Eric Zemmour (reconquest!) And Marine Le Pen (National Rally). It has been.

Forty-six days from the first round, it’s still too early to determine the impact of the event on France and the presidential election, but it completely confuses the campaign.

Foreign policy issues are generally of little importance in presidential elections, but the fact that war is at the doorstep of the European Union, which affects the emergence of Emmanuel Macron, changes the situation and favors the retiring president. Analysts say it could.

“This is unheard of”

The head of state finds himself involved in the pinch movement, at the forefront of successfully resolving the Russian-Ukraine crisis criticized by opponents. He’s very popular in polls for voting, but he sees his reelection campaign moving from postponed to postponed.

Broadly speaking, these events “hinder the progress of the campaign,” and Pollling Vox pollster Jérôme Sainte-Marie “further weakens the actual problems of the campaign, especially the inaudible social problems.” I’m emphasizing.

Frederick Davi, director of the French Public Opinion Institute, said it was “unprecedented” to wage war during the campaign. What we can probably expect is the logic that distinguishes the president from other candidates, depending on “who is most likely to be president.”

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In the evening, expected at a traditional supper of the French Jewish Institution’s Representative Council (Crif)-one of the people in the campaign imposed-the head of state he went to the special European Council in Brussels. Had to cancel my visit.

On their side, several candidates like Yannick Jadot and Christiane Taubira have postponed or canceled their scheduled trip on Thursday to participate in pro-Ukrainian demonstrations. And France 2 has lifted the evening debate with Marine Le Pen.

Meanwhile, sponsorship collection will continue. In the latest count released Thursday at 5 pm, the Constitutional Council saw Jean-Luc Melenchon surpassing the 500 signature mark and Eric Zemmour (415 sponsors) and Marine Le Pen (414 sponsors) approaching their goals. I made it clear.