Russia’s offensive is “deadlocked,” says German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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10:41 am : Russian attack in Ukraine “Despite all the destruction it causes every day, we’re stuck.”, Says German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The “The truth is that war destroys Ukraine, but by waging war, Putin also destroys Russia’s future.”

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10:35 am : Emmanuel Macron cannot physically go to these half cycles. He can send a message to the Diet or the Senate. Since 2008 he can also “Speaking before Congress gathers for this purpose in Congress” (Members and Senators meeting in Versailles).

10:35 am : Hello @Michael Parliamentarians can hear the Ukrainian President’s message live from Parliament and the Senate. At the Palais Bourbon as well as at the Luxembourg Palace, there is no debate after the message of Volodymyr Zelensky. When the Parliamentary Liaison Committee was held in the wake of Matignon, 20 minutes..

10:28 : In France and Ukraine, there are calls to stop Leroy Merlin, which has about 40,000 employees in Russia. Ukrainian elected officials “Irony” Of the brand.In France, the company’s trade union representative told himself “anger” For that remaining management “In deep silence”.

On March 19, 2022, dozens of people will demonstrate at the foot of the Leroy Merlin store in Gdansk (Poland) to protest the continued activities of the French group in Russia.  (MICHAL FLUDRA / NURPHOTO / AFP)


10:11 am : “Unite in the name of the defense of peace.”

The Ukrainian president speaks in front of the Japanese parliament.

10:08 : China opposes excluding Russia from the next G20 summit.. “No member has the right to expel another country.”, A spokesman for Chinese diplomacy said. In this interview, Ifrit’s Chinese expert, Mark Julienne, explains Beijing’s position in the war.

At a conference held in Beijing on February 4, 2022, Russian President Vladimirputin and Chinese President Xi Jinping attended.  (EYEPRESSNEWS / AFP)


10:03 : 71 children were saved after Smy’s bombardment in northern Ukraine. These orphans repatriated to Kyiv are partly disabled and should always be watched. France 2 report.

10:02 : “If NATO sends peacekeepers to Ukraine, it will be a direct conflict between the Russian army and the alliance.”

Poland will propose a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine at the NATO summit in Brussels tomorrow.

09:54 : Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov speaks to the amphitheater of students at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. “The Ukrainian side is constantly changing its position in the negotiations. It’s not about Ukraine now, it’s about America’s willingness to rule the world. “

(TASS Agency)


09:43 : On the streets of Moscow, green ribbons hanging on poles and grids are hanging more and more. These little fabrics became one of the symbols of cautious protest within a few days. You can also see the white-blue-white striped flag, the Russian flag without the red stripes, and the colors of blood and war.

09:11 : TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanné guarantees that without any part of the European economy it would not be possible without Russian gas. “It will stop.” “If we decide to stop importing Russian gas, we don’t know how to replace it and nothing is available. We have 25 year contracts and we don’t know how to get out of these contracts.” He said about RTL.

09:12 : Prime Minister Jean Castex announces “At least 100,000 accommodations” For Ukrainian refugees. On twitterThe Médecins du Monde responded ironically to point out the double standard for refugee acceptance from Africa and the Middle East. “You see when you want.”

09:02 : Rewind the morning news:

• After the Italian Parliament, it is the turn of the Parliament and the French Senate to meet exceptionally at 3 pm at the same time to listen to Volodymyr Zelensky. Interventions to follow in our live.

• The Taliban ordered the closure of girls’ junior high and high schools. Only hours after they resumed, Taliban officials confirmed.

• Ashleigh Barty, the world’s number one in women’s tennis, announces her early retirement at the age of 25, fulfilling her dreams and fulfilling her dreams. “I’m absolutely tired.”

• French Polynesia announced on April 1 that a consumption tax will come into effect with the aim of saving local social security in a chronic deficit. Part 1 of Polynesia provides up-to-date information on future growth.

08:58 : “If you don’t stop the war, if you escalate, you have to face the tsunami all over the globe.” Declares former Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin on BFMTV.there will be “The impact of food and energy on the whole world.”

08:48 : Interview by CNN, according to US NATO authorities (In English)Belarus is done “soon” Join Russia in the war with Ukraine. Minsk last month revised its constitution to allow the country to permanently accept Russian troops.

08:43 : “”We were on duty in the hospital when the armed men began to roam the hallways. The surgeon gave us a lab coat to wear as a camouflage. Suddenly, at dawn, a dozen soldiers rushed in: “Where are the journalists?”

On the article (In English)The Associated Press journalist, the only foreign journalist left in Mariupol, talks about how they were tracked and cornered during their work by the Russian administration.

08:34 : “Gas is at the heart of Total’s strategy, and in the future there will be fewer and fewer professions to become gas players instead of oil players, especially because gas is at the heart of its own decarbonization strategy.”

In an interview with France’s Amfo, the professor explains why Total chose to stop importing Russian oil, but not Russia’s gas imports.

08:17 : On Facebook, Iryna VenediktovaThe Ukrainian prosecutor’s chief has announced that she has received information about sex crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Russian soldiers are especially suspected of threatening and raping women in the Kyiv region with their weapons.

10:03 : In Russia, despite the dangers, citizens have shown opposition to the war. On Twitter, a journalist in the independent Russian media Meduza reports that the owner of a bar in Yekaterinburg adorned the street wall with pictures of people who oppose the war. Police threats forced him to remove the portrait.

07:58 : “He may be Putin’s pawn, the puppet leader of the puppet government, but he is also the main player in this dreadful situation, and it’s time for the West to recognize this and act accordingly.”

Activists are demanding sanctions on Belarus’s president Alexander Lukashenko’s administration as severe as those aimed at Russia.

07:47 : “We must succeed in isolating Putin and taking him to the negotiating table. It’s urgent.”Fabien Roussel continues.

07:45 : “We can break economic ties with Russia, but if it were to send them to China’s arms, we would have lost everything.”

A guest of France 2’s “Four Truths”, a candidate for the Communist Party, believes we must be vigilant about the consequences of international sanctions on the Russian population.

07:42 : Serhiy Zhadan Despite the war, I will explain the scene of life in Kharkov. “In the evening, the Kharkov people try to make the most of their time, walking dogs, walking with children, etc. Suddenly there are a lot of cats on the street (…) Tomorrow we are near us You will wake up for a day with victory. “

07:39 : Residents are still stuck on the Kharkiv subway after four weeks of bombardment. Residents and artists performed underground concerts and sang the Ukrainian national anthem, Ukrainian novelist Serhiy Zhadan reported on Twitter.

07:11 : “”One lost his head, the other (…) was seriously injured, and the last man died. ” France Television met a family member who was able to leave Mariupol despite the Russian bombardment. They are now worried that their loved ones have been left behind.

07:12 : Hello @ Jeanne, Yes, the President of Ukraine must speak in front of the French Parliament from 3 pm. You will be able to follow his intervention at our live.

06:40 : Hello FI! Is it really today that V. Zelensky has to speak in front of the French Parliament?

07:14 : “In an inhumane situation, nearly 100,000 people”, Trapped in the ruins of Mariupol, “Under complete siege, without food, without water, without medicine, under constant bombing.”, Warned Volodymyr Zelensky in a video released at dawn. Citizens evacuated to temporary housing and sports halls.

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07:16 : Start with a traditional update of the news this morning.

• Of these “Superpower Bomb” It struck Mariupol, according to authorities in major port cities. The bombing of Russia has besieged 100,000 civilians in the city.

• Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Pope Francis to participate in the negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. “We appreciate the mediating role of the Holy See in ending human suffering.”, He wrote on Twitter. Follow our live.

Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo “Useful voting” Most often placed on the left side of the Elysee race vote, in favor of Jean-Luc Melenchon and annoying his position, especially in the conflict in Ukraine.

• In Ajaccio, about 300 people gathered in front of the cathedral in honor of Yvan Colonna.The singer sang Dio Visal Ville Regina, Corsica national anthem.Political Scientist Thierry Dominici explains what the activists were like “The reification of all the frauds committed on Corsica”.