Saint-Affrique: Sports clubs still suffer from a two-year pandemic

Some of the clubs that gathered on the committee shared their concerns about the future.

On the evening of Thursday, April 21st, the Sports Committee of Saint-Affrique served as the steering committee. After the agenda, especially the proposal for the distribution of subsidies (see box), city club leaders discussed the difficulties faced after the pandemic.

Two years after practice was restricted, some clubs are afraid that their habits have changed permanently. “People have lost the habit of coming regularly and have a lot of attendance problems. Between September and April, there is a 50% loss among young people and even worse among adults. Pascal Escafit, president of the judo club, laments. I’m worried about the resumption in September next year. “

Patrick Costeplane makes the same observations about karate. “All contact and martial arts are further influenced by Covid. This is a national trend.“, Emily Glall, adjutant of the City Hall, who was delegated to sports, said.

Volunteer crisis

“People’s habits have changed. There is always a loss after the start of the school year, but this year it’s more important, Samuel Boccia, chairman of the Sports Commission, explains. It is cyclical and I hope it will return to its previous state, but there is still little prospect for analyzing it. “ This change in habits is accompanied by a loss of regional vitality that also affects the number of club members.

“In Covid, parents found rest, they no longer come, and children are no longer pulled by parents, I testify to Laurent De Tremerie, the president of the motorcycle club. We have to attract parents who bring their children. “ The lack of volunteers to energize the club is a problem faced by almost all sports associations.

Clubs are becoming more specialized, they need more skills, and not everyone has them.

“It’s highlighted in Covid and has the comfortable side of being at home and not running right and left.” Details Emily Glall, however, recalls that this volunteer crisis did not come from a pandemic. “It can harm the club, Worried about Samuel Bocher.. The concept of volunteering is sparse. Clubs are becoming more specialized, they need more skills, and not everyone has them. “

However, some clubs do it without much damage. “I thought it would be difficult, but I wanted to play. Handball Club President Damian Sorasol testifies.. In team sports, we remember young people joining a team. “

More diverse association days

Isabelle Treps, the secretary of the Cardabelles Hiking Club, also recalled that the number of members of the club was about the same as before the pandemic, and expressed a positive opinion. “Other practices have emerged and running, cycling and hiking have become more democratic. We see it in Saint-Affrique.”Emily Glall explains.

The club is considering organizing a more diverse association day next September to help people discover the variety of practices offered. “Saint-Affrique will continue to be a dynamic city with important associative structures.”Samuel Bocher concludes.

Distribution of subsidies

The City Hall of Saint-Affrique has provided a grant of € 51,400 to 31 sports associations in the town.

The Sports Commission is responsible for distributing this amount based on a variety of criteria, including membership, level of play, existence of a youth school, club budget, and certain actions such as purchasing materials.

The distribution proposed by the Sports Commission won two abstentions and 16 votes in favor. It is proposed and voted on by elected members of the city council.