Salomon celebrates its 75th anniversary and environmentally friendly sports with Annecy residents

An afternoon of activities and discoveries celebrating responsible outdoor sports.

Salomon invites the people of Annecy to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Wednesday, June 29, Pakie from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, To celebrate the outdoor sports that have built up its history together. From its inception to today, the company has been writing great adventures in humans and sports based on Annecy’s roots. An adventure built on this strong belief that shared values ​​and a greater connection to nature make us better.

“75 years ago, Salomon was born in the heart of the mountains. Salomon’s story and position in the outdoor industry today is largely due to this ideal environment and its community.” Franco Fogliato, CEO of Salomon, explains.

“Our team is immersed in this environment between nature, mountains and lakes. As an outdoor enthusiast, this environment has structured our industry for 75 years with the creation of major product innovations. I am grateful that I was at the center of the evolution of sports practices. I am grateful to all these communities for taking this opportunity to participate in the development of Salomon, especially for many years at the City Hall of Anusie. Special mention of contributions and support across. »»

Discovering Sports in the Program: In collaboration with local associations and the ecosystem of the city of Anesie, sports workshops, information and awareness stands, as well as the impact of outdoor sports practices on biodiversity, manufacturing and maintenance. Is also provided. Meetings with sporting goods and, of course, our athletes.

Here is a list of proposed activities and associations that exist this afternoon:

  • Annecy City Stand to Promote the Association of Vital’été 2022 to give everyone access to sports :
    • Notch puddingie basket
    • Roll & Co
    • MJC Social Center Victor Hugo
    • Seynod table tennis
    • Annecy Karate
    • Taekwondo Annecy
    • Montblanc Boxing 74
    • Grand Oak Residence
    • Arts of Life
    • Annecy Arts of Chi
    • Annecy-Tennis
  • Progressive sporting activities, discovering new practices Maintain the equipment.
    • Community Run and Salomon Product Testing
    • Introducing biathlon using a laser rifle
    • Freeski (rail & airbag) start and demonstration.
    • Launch and demonstration of rollerblades and skateboards on ramps and mini-courses
    • Introduction to rock climbing (6m movable wall)
    • Physical preparation session and sports coaching
    • Discover volleyball, tennis, padel and athletics
    • Discovery of cartography
    • Scandinavian and alpine skiing and snowboard maintenance, equipment advice, and even 3D foot scanning
  • Meetings with the sports community and the associations that support it :
    • Meeting with Salomon athletes from 4pm to 6pm
    • Sports and Accessibility-Screening of the movie “Project 3000” and a meeting with the film crew
    • Refugees and Annecy Solidarite Ukrainian Riders-Clothing Drive
    • In the mountains: Respect and safety (DVA workshop)
    • Discovery of Salomon Foundation and ADTP74
  • Meetings with various organizations involved in the defense and protection of the environment:
    • Protect our winter
    • We act
    • ASTER
    • French natural environment in charge of associative life
    • Water family

Find the entire program and related list here

venue : Annecy 74000, Le Pâquier, Lakeside

diary :

  • Activities: 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Exchange and autograph session: 4 pm to 6 pm