Saluki: Origin, size, personality

Also known as the “Persian Greyhound,” Saluki is a solid and playful dog that loves dog sports.

Belonging to the Greyhound family, Saluki Is a slender breed with a particularly elegant and elegant physique. Fringe or short hair, “Peruvian Greyhound” It features a well-balanced temperament, an athletic silhouette, a solid physique, and a playful character.

His origin

The origin of Saluki dates back thousands of years. adobe-stock

The origin of Saluki is believed to date back thousands of years. The first specimen is bred in the Middle East as a hunting dog. For centuries it was imported into Europe.

According to public authorities, variety standards were established in the 20th century.e century. In recent decades, his predatory talent for hunting has been gradually abandoned, favoring dog sports such as coursing, which consists of chasing decoys.

His personality

Saluki likes to do all kinds of activities. adobe-stock

Also called “Peruvian Greyhound”, Saluki is a loyal and affectionate dog, but on a daily basis expresses a certain degree of independence. With a particularly gentle temperament, he is obedient and attentive to his master.

As for strangers, he is modest and can even be scary. vice versa, With his relatives, Saluki is compassionate and likes to do all kinds of activities. Of course, these considerations remain general. Each animal has its own personality depending on its experience and living environment.

His physical characteristics

Saluki is slender and well-shaped. adobe-stock

The medium-sized saluki weighs 15 to 25 kg and has a withers height of 55 to 70 cm. Like other sighthounds, it is thin and well-shaped. Its head is elongated, emphasizing its streamlined appearance and its tall, muscular legs. This last feature is also seen at the level of his neck and chest.

His physique is distinguished by its natural elegance and proud way of walking. As a rule, his long tail remains low and his ears hang down.

Note that there are long-haired (or fringed) saluki and more widely seen short-haired specimens.

His price

At the time of purchase price Saluki’s is between € 900 and € 1000. Costs may vary depending on respect for variety standards and the variety’s registration with the Book of French Origins (LOF). Appearances such as coat color, gender, and pedigree should also be considered.

As far as the Saluki diet is concerned, whether it’s croquettes, pasta or “homemade” rations, you need to plan a budget of around € 40 per month.

His health

Saluki Robust constitution. Its life expectancy is estimated to be 13 to 15 years. He has no predisposition to be overweight. However, he needs special attention for certain medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, glaucoma, and alopecia.

He is not sensitive to high fever episodes because his hair is short or long. Saluki, on the other hand, has little support for the rigors of winter.

Adopting an animal commits you, it’s a decision you have to think carefully. Before you start, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the shelter closest to you. They will be able to give you advice on the breed of dog that is most suitable for you.