Sanya is promoting water sports this summer as travel increases

– – Winter skiing, summer surfing: As the winter season approaches the end, sports enthusiasts can continue to improve their athletic performance in Sanya this summer.

Sanya, China, March 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / — As travel around the world increases, more and more people are looking for new experiences at home and abroad.Sanya, a popular coastal city located on the southern tip of the island HainanIn China, the number of tourists increased dramatically during the Chinese New Year period. This is largely due to young customers and local tourists who are fascinated by the various activities of the region. Board of directors Sanya Tourism Promotion.

To meet the new expectations of tourists, Sanya is constantly enhancing its services and encouraging new travelers to discover the beach and regain the old beach. As the winter season approaches the end, Sanya will allow sports enthusiasts, especially skiers, to continue to improve their athletic performance by offering a wide range of water sports for next summer.

“When it comes to technical and physical skills, surfing and skiing have a lot in common. For example, wake surfing helps athletes improve their balance and coordination, making it ideal for cross-training during the summer. Thanks to its outstanding natural resources and abundant infrastructure, Sanya is an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts who want to improve their performance. ” Board of directors Sanya Tourism Promotion.

Wake surfing

With more than 20 clubs in the city, wake surfing is one of Sanya’s hottest water sports and is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists who want to experience snowboarding in the summer. Wakeboarding, an activity that is more accessible than surfing, consists of using a small board to track a motorboat and then surfing. You don’t have to wait for the right moment. Motorboats generate waves about 1 meter high on both sides of the stern, and surfers can feel the sensation of sliding on the surface of the water simply by following the waves.

In addition to wake surfing, Sanya offers numerous water sports to discover. Sailing is an ideal solution for those who prefer more relaxed water sports. You can take a boat in the middle of the sea and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and the rhythm of the waves against the backdrop of a magnificent island. Hainan.. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you can jump on a jet ski, hit the throttle, or fly around the South China Sea.

In Sanya, water sports aren’t just about the ocean. Tourists are invited to jump out into the air and discover the sensation of free skiing thanks to the parachute.Fly over the island HainanBoth young and old can absorb the vibrant colors of the sea and sky and enjoy the adventure and joy of floating on the sea while looking at the island from a new angle. Flyboard is another must-see experience in Sanya. Thanks to the jet of pressurized water, practitioners can hover up to 22 meters above sea level, and brave people can even try tricks.

From winter and summer, water sports and cultural tourism activities to thematic events and festivals, Sanya continues to design, develop and promote exciting travel packages, transforming the city into a world-class tourist destination for everyone. I will go.

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