Saudi-funded dissident super leagues scatter a storm

In its heyday, the ball became like a Tiger Woods swing. By announcing his participation in the LIV Golf Invitational Series on Sunday, June 5th, Phil Mickelson threw cobblestones on the fairway, even though he meant to make a hole himself. This competition is, in fact, a circuit parallel to what made the legend of the greatest golfers.

The most calm green shook. It seems that the operation has started this time. What is this “monster” that has rocked one of the most compartmentalized sports on the planet over the years? Behind the project is a man named Greg Norman. There is also a lot of money from public investment funds from Saudi Arabia.This last Recently, I have already purchased the British club Newcastle.

Former golf star, two major winner, and praised by everyone for his swing purity, Norman opposes two ancient institutions, the PGA Tour and the European Tour. .. The bet is bold, but the person called the “Great White Shark” knows that he has the unparalleled financial power to overturn the table. Even if it is suspected, sharks will continue to navigate the problematic waters.

“LIV arrivals are brutal and endanger traditional circuits.“I believe in Ludovic Pont. Golf magazine In particular, I don’t necessarily look at this project from a good perspective. “Because of the very complex geopolitical situation in Saudi Arabia.”

Ludwigpon is also afraid to see golf distorted by the proposed format. “LIV tournaments are held without” cuts “and look more like a big exhibition than a real tournament.”, He continues. In addition, specialists mention the amount offered to players. “At the end of these tournaments, you are guaranteed to have € 120,000 in your pocket …”

On March 16th, LIV used the finest iron to announce and hit calendar dates. hEight tournaments (one in the United Kingdom, four in the United States, one in Thailand, one in Saudi Arabia, and the last at the final location) donated $ 25 million to each participant. increase. This is more than double the donations of the richest classic competitions. The important thing is that the dates overlap with these. In short, collisions are inevitable.

“Without the PGA Tour and the European Tour, we must remember that no champion LIV wants to take.”Fascinated by Pascal Risotto, president of the French Golf Federation (FFG). “To despise all the substantive work done upstream by these institutions.”

“Saudis forget that golf is a traditional sport based on chords. Some people think that money can break these chords, but I think that’s a big mistake.”

Pascal Grisotto, President of the French Golf Federation

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Following the announcement in March, clubhouses around the world have had a big shake. Then the aftershock of the first earthquake on Sunday came with Phil Mickelson’s announcement.

However, he had previously criticized LIV sharply. “”They are scary … the murderer, In this way, the biography written by journalist Alan Shipnuck uttered the Californians...They killed journalists Washington post, They kill homosexuals. I can’t imagine studying their proposal for a moment. “ After losing numerous sponsors, he apologized to Saudi Golf League officials and ranted.

By deciding to participate in the LIV, Mickelson intends to move the line within what he considers to be padlocked by the PGA, especially with regard to image rights issues.If this “I wanted to put an end to every threat, so he would have to return the rights to their images to the player.He explained Golf digest During February.. But rather than returning about 20 billion digital assets they manage or abandoning the more than 50 million they create each year in the chain, they spend 25 million here, 40 million there. I want to throw it away. “..

Phil Mickelson also told an American newspaper Sports Illustrated (English article) He was hoping to count the PGA Tour and line up for the next US Open. But how does this organization allow the best golfers in the world to play in both counts?

When clearly approaching Tiger Woods, Norman Washington post (In English)The other stars are already choosing their side … if he announced the opposition in FebruaryFormer world number one Dustin Johnson, winner of the 2016 US Open and 2020 Masters, is the first of 42 players to take part in LIV’s first tournament last week from 9th to June. I was at the top of the list. 11 At the Centurion Club in St Albans, North London. There are also other former major winners such as Sergio Garcia of Spain and Briton Ian Poulter. The PGA Tour is still promised in the statement “Disciplinary action” For those who take part in this new adventure.

In the case of Ludwigpon, these sanctions“Exclusion from months to lifetime suspension”. However, the PGA has not yet cracked down.For the editor of Golf magazineFor these golfers, the situation is not yet significant “A second-class player or a former great glory after returning home.”.. “Phil Mickelson is 51 years old and his career is pretty good, so he’s guaranteed to receive a total of millions of dollars just to take part in these tournaments. He’s an employee of LIV. It was. The end. That must have made him think … “

After all, and whatever the outcome of this showdown, the big picture of golf can suffer. “For me, it’s a big messRegrets Pascal Grisotto. The PGA Tour and the European Tour must also look in the mirror and find something in common to align their competition with the LIV competition. If not, the risk is that we still only talk about our sport through the prism of money. And the cliché about this field, reserved only for the rich, will rain again … this does nothing to help golf that has done everything to democratize itself.