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It was a sports festival for the traditional presentation of the sports trophy of the local council on Tuesday night at Montreal Castle. An institution established 36 years ago. Which athletes, managers, referees and teams have been rewarded?

Volunteer leader

Francis Perez, Judo Club du Kelsey vert (Trophy); Eric K’s, Division Athletics Committee (Cut); Valentin Barau, Montauban Swimming 82 (Cut); Jean-Pierre Poino, Racing Club Montauban Rugby (Cup) ); Gérard Bonnet, CDOS, Dedication Award.

President Michel Weil rewarded the volunteer leaders.

President Michel Weil rewarded the volunteer leaders.
Photo CD82-CD82 Communication Division


  • Adult referee: Nicolas Maestre, Athletic Sport caussadais basketball (trophy); Jean Romanzine, Montbuton / Lacote Soccer Agreement (cut).
  • The referee’s young hope: Lucas Estabes, SCNègre pelissien Rugby (Cup).


  • Universities: UNSS Table Tennis Team, J.-J.-Rousseau University, Labasted Saint-Pierre (Trophy); UNSS Futsal Team, J.-J.-Rousseau University, Labasted Saint-Pierre (Trophy).
  • High School: Bourdelle Montauban High School UNSS Triathlon Team (Trophy). Youth Referees: Triathlon, Jade Beauphilus, Bourdelle High School (Trophy).

Team of young women

GRS La Bastied Saint-Pierre Team (Trophy); La Nicolaïte danse, Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave (Cut) nomadic team and “Cesdeux-là” team.

Young men’s team

Stade beaumontois Lomagne Rugby Cadets Team (Trophy); Union Sporty Montalbane’s Fencing Cadets Team (Cut); Young Riders at the Kansas BMX Club (Cup).

Female adult team

Beaumont / Rabbit Women’s Volleyball Team (Trophy); Athletic Sports caussadais Basketball (Cup) Senior Girl.

Men’s adult team

Montoban Handy Sports Club Panda, Wheelchair Rugby (Trophy); Triplet Adaptive Sports Petanque Centerde Pousinies, Atout Sports Association (Cup); Senior Double Smaison Dark / Delson Boulanger and Dennis Taisant / Daniel Terran, La Petanque Montepeza Tides (Cut) ); Aruba has adopted Valence-d’Agen (cup), a sports rugby. Lauzerte Quercy Pays de Serres XV (Cup) Reserve Team.

Young women and men sportswoman

Dawiya Abdou (absent, Eric Buche, coach), Handball Committee (trophy); Anja Loubière, Bear Judo-Club de Grisolles (trophy); Louis Descot-Vigouroux, Montalban Nautical Union, boat (cut); Yohan Larieu, Quercy Climbs; Climbing (cutting); Hervé Camille, Archery, Les Archers de Labreille, Verdun-sur-Garronne (Cut); Anthony Ayral, Archery, Les Archers de Labreille, Verdun-sur-Garronne (Cut); Mathilde Guerre, Archery, Les Archers du Maquis de Pompignan (cut); Mathys Roiatti, roller blades and skateboards, Valence-d’Agen Roller 2 Rives (trophy).

Female adult sportswoman

Océane Bégué, Montalban’s Variant Olympic Sambo (trophy); Françoise Héligon, Athletic Force, Amicalelaïque Moissac (cut).

Male adult sportsman

Nicolas Jousseaume, French Boxing, Ultimate Savate French Boxing Verdun Schulgaronne (Cut).

Country of games

The 2022 “Terre de Jeux” trophy awarded to Julie Sabatier of the Montalban Wrestlers Club. Adam Vibratov, Montalban Wrestler Club; Montalvan Wrestler Club, Rakim Magamadov. Juliet Rescure, Montalvan Wrestler Club.
Align Sabatier, the president of the Montalbanai Wrestler Club, and Patrick Sabatier, the coach of the Montalbanai Wrestler Club, also received the trophy.

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