Senate demands “immediate” suspension of France’s Russia Today channel

LE FIGAROINFO- Laurent Lafon, Chairman of the Cultural Commission, sent a letter to Roche Olivier Mestre, Chairman of the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority.

Pressure has clearly increased around the Kremlin-funded Russia Today Channel since Vladimir Puttin launched a military operation in Ukraine on Thursday. Laurent Lafon, chairman of the Senate Cultural Committee, has just demanded a suspension.ImmediatelyAccording to RT.

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In a letter to Roch-Olivier Maistre, President of Arcom (ex-CSA) Le Figaro The Senator (Union Centlist), who was able to consult, believes that the Russian Today channel and website will be relayed. “every day“”Propaganda action»From the Kremlin, «Without a real contradiction“. The letter, especially back to the words of the President of Russia, was relayed by the chain,”Threats related to mass slaughter and terrorism of Russian groups in eastern UkraineTo justify his military operationsIllegal under international law“.

Threat to “our democratic values”

Laurent Lafon said he said In the light of the new situation created by the outbreak of military operations in Ukraine, there is an urgent need to ask ourselves about the threat this Russian government telecommunications agency poses to our democratic values.“.

As with all TV channels, banning the broadcast of Russia Today, which has a contract with Arcom, is not so easy. To block the RT signal, French regulators need to inspect the file and find serious flaws. Senators emphasize Article 1 of the 1986 Act on Freedom of Communication. That’s right, ” Communication to the public by electronic means is free “But parliamentarians recall:This exercise of freedom is the dignity of man, the multidimensional nature of the expression of thought and flow of opinion, the protection of children and adolescents, the protection of public order, and the need for national defense. I believe that the propaganda broadcast by Russia today threatens all these principles and completely justifies the outage of this service.“.

Laurent Lafon also underscores an agreement signed between RT and regulators that provides for a number of provisions, including respect for pluralism in the expression of flow of thought. “”I observe that this practice also mentions the requirement for program honesty. In light of these obligations, the service of Russia Today never speaks to Russian opponents, a task consisting of asking the Russian people about the decisions made by their leaders, especially this decision. Will not do it will attack Ukraine. The service also refrains from highlighting the disastrous consequences of this attack on Ukrainian citizens.“. So many shortcomings believe in the Senator.Fully justifies the immediate outage of this television service and its digital version broadcast on the Internet“.

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RT banned in Germany

Arcom has now realized that he has to deal with hot potatoes. On Thursday, regulators assured that:Particular care should be taken to ensure that the RT France channel complies with its legal and contractual obligations. If it finds it legitimate, regulators can request that the broadcast be stopped without delay, without hesitation in using free legal tools.“.

France is not the only country where Russia Today is on the crosshairs. On Wednesday, the British government requested Ofcom, a television and telecommunications regulator, to confirm the license granted to Russian public broadcasting in English. The body showed that it didn’t hesitate. “InterveneIf the standards of accuracy or fairness are violated by the licensee. “”Given the seriousness of the Ukrainian crisis, we prioritize broadcasters to consider complaints about reporting this issue.Added a regulatory spokesperson. At the beginning of February, Germany purely and simply banned Russia Today on its territory. Moscow responded by closing the German radio and television Deutsche Welle office in Moscow. He hinted that the BBC could follow the same fate. “”If Britain chases the threat to the Russian media, retaliation will not last long.“Then he warned Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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