Senate points out “a series of dysfunctions”

Senator Laurent Lafon (UDI), Chairman of the Cultural Commission, spoke on Wednesday, July 13th. “A series of dysfunctions” Learn about what happened in the Stade de France in the Champions League final on May 28th.

He specifically mentioned “Failure”, In the same way “Running” So “Preparation” Of sporting events. “Everyone was in their lane without any actual adjustments.”Also pointed out Senator during a press conference organized to present tonight’s senator report of the blunder.

This report recommends 15 actions, including the following:“Impose on the operator” Hold CCTV footage “Legal period 1 month” Or of “Mandatory use of tamper-proof banknotes”.. In the case of Laurent Lafon “The ticket office was poorly managed.”she “Never considered the sole cause or cause of an incident”..

“This failure is due to the decision of the Paris Police Department.”Member of the House Fran├žois Noel Buffet (LR), Chairman of the Legal Committee.

Senator Michel Savin (LR) accused in press release “Attitude of the Minister of Interior”Gerald Darmanin, during a hearing, according to him, “Our committee would not have allowed us to fully understand what happened.”

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“Serious damage to the image of France”

Audiences who do not have a ticket to climb the stadium gate, other spectators who have a ticket but cannot enter, spraying tear gas by police or theft or assault by opportunistic criminals … it’s a showcase for over a year Before the two-year summer Olympics from the Rugby World Cup, but the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool on May 28 turned into a nightmare.

Among those who have been auditioned by Senators since a yearer June: French authorities, including sports group officials, representatives of Liverpool supporters, and the controversial Paris Police Commissioner, Didier Lallement and Gerald Darmanin, whose departure was announced on July 20.

The latter takes most of the responsibility for the case “30,000 to 40,000 English supporters” He told most field observers who came out before “No ticket or counterfeit ticket”.. His explanation was also challenged by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which counted only 2,600 counterfeit tickets at the turnstile ticket gates.

Pushed by critics, the Minister of Interior will approve at the end of June “Sharing of responsibility” In the evening failure and repeated it “apology” To supporters.

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Beyond police control of the case, the controversy has also been fueled by the lack of preservation of some of the CCTV images of the Stade de France. “Serious illegal activity” Senator Francois Noel Buffet.

In parallel with the Senate’s work, Michelle Kad, the inter-ministerial representative of the Olympics and major events, was identified in the first report submitted to Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne as of June 10. “Failure” According to him, the organization and police responded to the case. “Serious damage to the image of France”..

Without waiting for the Senator’s verdict, Mmyself Bourne has already instructed the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Sports to: “Implemented without delay” Cadot report recommendations.

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