Sete and the area are preparing for the Olympics, from schools to playgrounds.

The Sports and Health Forum, held at the Sète Greenhouse on Tuesday, May 10, was an opportunity to discuss local participation in the preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympics and the potential impact they may have on people.

The Mobilized, Occitanie region, Sète, Montpellier and Millau are integrated in the labeled area and are two years away from the Paris 2024 Olympics. And the danger is high. Improvement of local sports facilities. Communicate the flames of Olympism and sports to the youngest and draw locals into the energy that leads to this major event.

How do you prepare?This pretty question was asked with Sète agglopôle Méditerranée on Tuesday, May 10th. Free lunch.. And to answer that, a worried and famous guest was sitting on the stage in the greenhouse. François Comenjes, Cate’s husband and president of Agro, and Vice President of Sports, Christian Asaph, Vice President of Montpellier Mediterranee Metropole, Representative of Sports Policy, Patrice Canier, Regional Advisor Christophe Carniel, Trainer, Manager Montpellier Handball General, President of Vogo and Elodie Espiau of the Regional Handy Sports Occitany Committee.

During the first meeting of the Sports and Health Forum Day.

During the first meeting of the Sports and Health Forum Day.
Free at noon-Caroline Froelig

Remembering the godfather of the day, Marie Jose Perek, the champion and Olympic triple medalist. Not only by intervention, but also by video messages and video conferences of decathlon champion Kevin Mayer and former table tennis player Jean-Philippe Gatien, who became sports director in Paris in 2024. “Games can change something in our society, it needs to make sense.”.. It’s not just about showing performance. The legacy of these 2024 games seems to be fundamental to them.

Use the “Terredejeux” label

On the scene, labels have been distributed by the Paris 2024 organization to identify areas where the Olympic teams can be hosted in preparation for these Olympics. Forty-three sites are labeled “Terredejeux” in Occitanie and 13 sites are labeled in Hérault. Sète, Milhaud and Montpellier have united to attract the best and have been synergistic since then. However, these areas wanted to take advantage of it and helped François Commeinhes, who is also a doctor. “Sporting activities, healthy sports, and to discover our territory”..

The Sète agglomeration is well equipped for artistic swimming, triathlon, sailing and water polo, and if several delegation visits have already been made, there is also meticulous work with school children. It is done. Last fall, the mini-Olympic Games were held in Sète, Magari Ferrier explained. A new transfer is scheduled for Milhaud on the 12th and 13th.

“That’s the right way”, Marie-Joseperek’s estimate. It is clear that the political will must be there in order to go further. And that opportunity must be captured locally! Patrice Canayer emphasizes that the Occitanie area is well-equipped in terms of structure and equipment, but it also has the role of a local government. “To create a feasible environment” Both for competition and for amateur sports. The latter regrets a form of centralization in Paris and is worried about the true legacy of the youngest.

Concerns, learn to swim

Elected representative Christian Asaph of Montpellier warned in support of the Sports and Health Forum about the consequences of confinement and crisis for the youngest sports learning, especially swimming. “Many children haven’t learned to swim,” he claimed, increasing the risk of drowning in the summer. And in service, he is thinking of setting up an educational facility with a small pool near the beach in Montpellier to teach children not to participate in the sea.

Against settlement and obesity

Commeinhes replied that Sète has just launched a sports agora that allows children to discover new sporting activities and clubs in the city. With a structure that develops further. The purpose of fighting settlement and obesity is very present.

And who will be announced on the international team side? Work is in progress. I have multiple contacts. And Christian Asaph quotes the Japanese volleyball and judo teams. Next Friday, a meeting with the general manager of the Australian rugby team will also be scheduled in Montpellier. It remains to convince him! The synergistic effect of Sète on the sea side and Millau on the green side may help …