Sexual Violence in Canadian Hockey | CEO Scott Smith Clinges

Resignation. The message from MP to Scott Smith, CEO of Hockey Canada, was very clear. But his boss intends to maintain control of the organization unless he is forced to leave his post. Therefore, playing on the board of directors believes in sports minister Pascal strike Onji.

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Melanie Marquis

Melanie Marquis

Simon Olivier Lange

Simon Olivier Lange

Clearly anticipating what awaits the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, the leader sought to air the question in the opening statement he read to the MP. “I know I have questions about Canadian hockey leadership. In my leadership,” he stopped by.

He then gave his answer to the question that the elected officials were not alone in asking themselves.

“You wanted transparency. You wanted transparency. [la reddition de comptes].. You asked for a change from Canadian Hockey. I am here to lead this change. I won’t run away, “guaranteeed Scott Smith.

This did not prevent the elected officials from returning to prosecution.

“For hockey, we have to renew the leadership of Hockey Canada,” said Conservative John Nater. Bloc Québécois Sebastian Remia responded to his colleagues, claiming that Scott Smith “could not make the necessary changes to the structure of Canadian hockey.” The New Democratic Party, Peter Julian, said he had “lost trust” in the organization and called for a change of guards.

There are times when good people have to leave because the people have lost their trust in them. I think this is one of those times.

Anthony Housefather, Liberal Party Congressman

In response to all these statements, executives replied that they had “support for staff, board and members” of Canadian hockey. And if “audits, governance and the board” withdraw their trust, “I accept it,” he said.

“I want to be accountable,” said the organization’s boss.

However, the board is not comparable to past and present leaders, and conservative Kevin War later opposed. “Bob Nicholson, Tom Lenny [ex-PDG] And you are too powerful […] You need to make changes to the board. You have to go from there. The board must manage Canadian hockey. »»

“Too little, too late”?

Apparently, Federal Sports Minister Pascal Stoongji has determined that it is time for Scott Smith to resign. She doesn’t have the power to dismiss him as a minister herself – the link between the federal government and Hockey Canada results in financing.

“Mr. Smith is only responsible to his board, not to the current members of parliament or other members of the executive committee who were seeking his resignation, or to the Canadians who resigned him. She urged me, “she underlined in an interview at the end of the meeting.

I call on the Canadian Hockey Board of Directors today to assess whether they are the right people to bring about the cultural changes that Canadians demand.

Pascal Sto Onji, Minister of Federal Sports

“He wanted to be accountable,” said Pascal St. Onzi, even though Scott Smith felt “honesty” in his desire to make a difference. “Probably in this case, accountability It also means that it’s too little, too late. ”

As a bystander to the committee, the organization’s CEO reported that the Canadian team would participate in the International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championships in Edmonton. The tournament will start on August 9th.