Share two athletics champions with college students in Aurillac (Cantal)

One is a 400-meter double Paralympic medalist. The other is Europe’s deputy champion in a 3,000m obstacle course, finishing 12th at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in the same field. The two participated in an action at the University of the French Athletics Federation last Monday in Aurilak. Students and future college students. Aladji Ba, now 48, is blind. His sports career lifted him to the Paralympic podium twice. Alexiferut is mostly a local stage. Puydomois (he was born in Beaumont), licensed at the Clermont Athletics Auvergne, runs a farm in Cantal with his brother.

There is a champion today
Those who participated in the Olympics
It ’s a real added value.

“For young people, it’s just happiness,” said Christian Cordier, a former PE teacher and now trainer at Creteil, “for four years I’ve been touring the entire territory.”

Therefore, Jeanne-de-la-Treilhe schoolchildren and CM2 schoolchildren founded by Brothers-Delmas attended various sessions last Monday. One was sponsored by Alaji Ba and focused on the screening of a film by black athlete Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics. After that, the students were able to talk with the double medalist Paralympics.

After recovering from surgery after the injury, Alexi Ferrut was unable to attend other workshops set up by the trainer directly. However, he gave each of the young participants a diploma certifying their participation. “We wanted to associate a high level of healthy Paralympic athletes, because these actions are complementary and show that Cantal youth are interested in Olympic sports. Should benefit from it. »»

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Alexis Phelut presented each of the young participants with a diploma.

How to train Alexis Phelut

On his side, Philip Fabre, vice president of the Council for Education, Youth, Sports and Tourism, “remembered an agreement passed with the French Athletics Federation, for example, the French Trail. We welcome the team. However, this agreement also applies to the development of all Cantal residents. Our wish is to make all Cantal residents, especially school children, accessible to the sport. That’s it. “” Having a champion who participated in the Olympics today is a real added value, “he added.

Alexiferut and Christian Cordier.
Alexi Ferrut confirmed: “Of course, I’m happy to be with a young athlete. It’s a great initiative.”

Bruno Serge Leroy

The two champions also spoke at La Vigière University in Saint-Fleur on Tuesday, June 28, and at Les Portes du Midi University in Mall on Wednesday, June 29.