“She was tough, that.”

At the end of the crazy race of Le Tuque in the sun, Northern Mirko Potisek won the 46th edition of Enduro Palais du Tuquet with the applause of 300,000 spectators gathered on the embankment. .. never seen.

You can relive the 46th edition of Enduropale du Touket.

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Enduropale du Touket 46th Edition


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It took 756 days to find the Enduropale du Touket. But the game was worth the candles. After a crazy race, Northerner Milko Potisek won his third Enduropale, following 2018 and 2020. “She was tough, that”, He said on arrival.

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France 3 Hauts-de-France Matthew Lapes’ first declaration of winner Mirko Potisek at Mike

Click this link to see the ranking of each driver.

4:36 pm: Milko Potisek wins the 46th edition of Enduropaledu Touquet!

Three passes on the beach of Lutuke for Mirko Potisek! After three hours of intense racing, Dunkirk won the 46th edition of the Enduropale du Touket.

After winning three of the five events in the French Sand Racing Championship, Mirkopotisek has clearly stated his goal to aim for his third victory at the Enduro Palais. But the job was not easy. To him, Briton Todd Kellet did not give up, and the duel announced between the two favorites kept all promises.

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Arrival of Milko Potisek, winner of the 46th edition of Enduropale

Manomano engaged between Bib 32 and Bib 5, a member of the Yamaha team, resulting in several falls. But before widening the gap in the last few minutes, it was the Northerners who knew how to manage his race as much as possible.

Todd Kellet came in second. This is his first podium at Le Tuque. Beyond the battle for 1st place, the battle for 3rd place continued.I’m finally Dutch Lars van Berkel, who took the podium, arrived seven seconds before Alexis Collignon and was sadly fourth.

A 3-hour show to entertain 300,000 spectators at a seaside resort in Cote de Pearl

4:12 pm: The point of Potisek at 172 km / h!

Leading the race in about 20 minutes from the finish, Potisek will not give up.

Peaks were recorded even at 172 km / h. This is about the same as the gust measured at Cap Gris-Nez during the passage of the storm Eunice a week ago.

3:55 pm: Mirkopotisek’s third and final refueling

There are 40 minutes left in the race.

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Refuel Milcopotisec, then Refuel Todd Kelett

The gap with Briton Todd Kellet has widened a little. The Flanders lion is 33 seconds ahead of its main opponent.

3:44 pm: Keretto’s third fall

And three for Todd Kelett.

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Todd Kellet’s third fall

The Britons fell again and lost 14 seconds to Mirko Potisek.

3:37 pm: Autumn in Alexis Linyon

The KTM rider crashed after hitting a green onion on the other side of the bump.

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Autumn Alexis Lynon

Alexis Collignon, who is currently in 4th place, is aiming for the podium.

3:35 pm: Keretto on the wheels of Potisek

With one hour left, Yamaha’s two riders are neck and neck a few seconds apart.

The two favorites are more than five minutes ahead of the third Lars Van Berkel.

3:04 pm: Prior to Potisek

Mirko Potisek, who led the race, had a spectacular crash. His bike brought the sun forward.

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Mirko Potisek Waterfall

Was there anything in the sand? Northerner stopped immediately, but was able to resume. Briton Todd Kerett, who passed 19 seconds behind the previous lap, actually caught up and took the lead.

2:45 pm. : He’s there, with a red bib!

2:40 pm. : But where is Milko Potisek?

It is difficult for the audience to chase the Northern Milcopotisek in Enduro’s head.

Words of advice: Try to identify the red bib number 32 to find the Flanders lion!

2:25 pm. : Tom Pajes’ jump ending a few centimeters from the pilot

Video length: 21 seconds

Jump to Tom Page

2:02 pm. : Belgian Yentel Martens give up

He was one of the most popular in the race. Belgium’s Jenter Martens retired in less than 30 minutes from the start of the race.

Electrical failure or engine failure? It’s hard to say for now, but the Belgians couldn’t start again and left the track with this pickup. His race is over.

1:55 pm. : Todd Kelett’s Autumn!

The race started in less than 20 minutes and had already made two laps, with British driver Todd Kellet crashing. His bike stuck for about 10 seconds.

Video length: 27 seconds

Todd Kelet Falls

Leading the race, he lost valuable time and was overtaken by Mirko Potisek. I can’t say for now if Todd Kellet has damaged his bike.

1:40 pm. : Mirko Potisek makes a hole shot!

Hundreds of meters later, the top pilots are already fighting each other.

Video length: 17 seconds

Hole shot

Northern Mill Copotisec, who took the turn of Stella Plage first, realizes a hole shot. Good signs of the future?

1:37 pm: Kick off!

There were no accidents at the start of this 46th edition of Enduropale du Touket.

Video length: 35 seconds

Departure top pilot


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Let’s go to the 3 hour race!

# 1: 25 pm. : Start line pilot!

Like a postcard, hundreds of drivers are gathering behind the starting line in the sun, befitting the most beautiful summer days.

The first to go is the top driver.

In Bib 32, the titleholder Milko Potisek is installed. He proudly wears a Flanders lion.

# 1pm: What are the rewards for the winner?

Beyond the fame of putting his name on the long list of Enduropale du Touquet winners, the number one scratch ranking wins a total of 10,000 euros. The second is 4,000 euros, the third is 2,000 euros, the fourth is 1,000 euros and the fifth is 500 euros.

Also note that it crosses first Hole shot – The first corner of Stella Plage – Put 1,000 euros in your pocket.

# 12h: A lot of people attended at 1:30 of the big departure!

Audiences gathered early this morning under the blue sky where the burning sun shines. From 9am, the embankment is black with people.

Some regulars brought stepladders and took their place to the best place along the circuit. Find the best place and take a little height … Make the most of the show.

# 11h: “Historical” enduro

As everyone expects, the 46th edition promises to be memorable already, with the approval of Mayor LR of Le Tuque. “”It is generally accepted that the historic enduro attendance record is being updated.“”, Daniel Faskel says with a deafening laugh.

The desire to meet again in the burning sun: All the ingredients are there for this 2022 edition to remain in the chronicles.

1242 pilots depart for the beach of Lutuke at 1:30 pm. About the program: A 3-hour race on a 13km course.At the start, three long straights separated by slowdowns, then Hole shot Planned for Stella-Plage.

Make an appointment to follow the race with us from At 1:00 pm on the antenna Our website With comments from Celine Rousseau (France 3 Hauts-de-France), Antoine Barrege (France Brunoll) and our consultant Arnaud Demeester (Recorder of victory at Enduropale). A program that is also broadcast on France 3 Normandy and France 3 NoA in New Aquitaine.

In terms of sports, attention will be focused on Northern Mirko Potisec, who dreams of winning his third victory at Le Touquet. The 32-year-old driver, the winner of the final edition of 2020, says he is now accustomed to the pressure.

Yamaha riders are confident after winning beach crosses in Berg, Majusk and Hasego. “I arrived at Le Tuke with a red plate. I won 3 out of 5 events … so we’re really going to do everything to get the 3 stars on the list. “He told us a few days ago.

But in the face of him, there are many competitors. A duel with Todd Kellet, Bib No. 5 has already been set up. A new sensation from the whole channel also hopes to win this 46th edition. “”I want this duel. “, He announced. The young man, who won the Rune Plage and Grayan, is also a Yamaha rider and has already issued a warning. There are no gifts.

A big favorite for serious outsiders … but there are also potential issues between 1200 or so entries. This is the charm of Le Tuke. Nothing is written in advance.