Shocking remarks, 5th place, remodeled team … Eddie Jones is under more pressure than ever before

The coach of XV de la Rose has been attacked by British critics. The Vice World Champion may finish fifth in the tournament for the second year in a row.

Usually he likes to say his opponent is his favorite to reverse the pressure. Classic. So, at this Saturday night’s crunch, Eddie Jones did the exact opposite and made it clear that Rose’s XV knew enough about how to beat the blues. “”We will have a good victory over France. We’ve beaten them in the last two games, so we have a pretty good idea of ​​how to play against them.“Australian engineers said England is certainly at the end of 2020, and during the 2021 tournament (23-20), in the short-lived Autumn Nations Cup (22-19 ap) final. Signed two successes against France each time in Twickenham.

An outing that did not fail to react Fabien Galthié: “Sure, we are very careful about what is being said around us. We do not beat the hatch. What happens around us, depending on the situation? Be careful to understand what you are doing. We study enemies, so listen especially to them. We hear what they say about them and us. Of course, this is me. Contribute to our preparatory work.“A projection that surely stabbed Antoine Dupont and his teammates.

Probably not the best idea Eddie Jones had. The Australian knows he is under pressure. He reigned as World Vice Champion in 2019 (defeated in the final against South Africa) and England has been struggling in tournaments for two years. Last year, His Majesty’s subject was only finishing fifth in the tournament, and he was stuck in the same place just in front of Italy, even if he retreated in Sandoni on Saturday. Not worthy of their position.

Successful November tour

Already last year, the powerful Commonwealth of Nations began an investigation and called on several experts to catalog. In a hot seat, Eddie Jones finally passed between the drops. And the November XV Dela Rose Tour is a dark cloud for the rematch of Japan’s World Cup, thanks to its success in Tonga (69-3), especially Australia (32-15) and South Africa (27-26). Dispelled. Last.

Deprived of this tournament of his master, who plays Owen Farrell, Eddie Jones did not hesitate to launch the promising Marcus Smith, who is 22 years old but already has an impressive maturity. Victory choices and great promises for the future. Except for the lack of results: The British lost three times in a row at the opening of the tournament due to their fall from the start in Scotland (20-17). It gets dirty. And, despite 14 resistances to the entire match against Ireland (the expulsion of Yules from the 1st minute), they logically fold at home with Ireland (15-32). Two autumns …

So, inevitably, critics are raining across the channel. Starring 2003 World Champion coach Sir Clive Woodward, he spends most of his time illuminating Eddie Jones in a tabloid column. Daily Mail.. The first good Scud after a defeat in Edinburgh: “No one in Twickenham is eligible to ask Eddie Jones for an explanation from a rugby perspective.He has them (Leader) Obviously all in his pocket. He can’t doubt, it’s a big weakness of the Commonwealth.

“If it doesn’t work, I think it’s about 10% likely to work and 90% likely to fail, but Jones is very exposed.”

Clive Woodward

Other harsh criticisms after the announcement of his team composition to challenge the blues. In three-quarters, two players with less choice will start, especially if Jonny May and Anthony Watson are injured. George Farbank (5) behind and Freddie Steward (9) on the wings. “”Saturday night we can admire Eddie Jones’ genius or discuss his future seriously again.It ’s really strange to say it politely.»Work on Woodward. And he insists:If that doesn’t work-and I think it’s about 10% likely to work and 90% likely to not-Jones is very exposed after the tournament. Confused with some of his decisions.»»

England apparently intends to bombard the blues with a high balloon at the Stade de France on Saturday. We are thinking of observing obstacles in this sector of Gabin Villière and Melvyn Jaminet to Wales. Tactics that may have been rewarded in the past when Rose became the Queen of Disposition Games. Except that things have changed and Fabien Galthié players have expanded their tactical palette. “I understand the logic, but playing rugby is about choosing a team that imposes that style of play, not building a team to counter the perceived weaknesses of your opponent. Moreover, in my opinion, it’s not a weakness at all »Ping CliveWoodward.

“Why does Eddie Jones need to continue working as a coach unless England wins in France or they are likely to change significantly?» »

Austin Healey

Another important element of the duel on Saturday night: the British targeted Antoine Dupont as one of the main opposition dangers. Thus, scrum-half Ben Youngs (115 caps, English record) explained to the Telegraph that he had been specially trained to compete with the best players in the world. “”The game is choppy, so you need to be able to play in short, crisp bursts. Details of number 9 at the age of 32. And when you get there, you need to bring real momentum, energy and move the ball at the right tempo. After that, it is known that the recovery time will be longer.“Therefore, England (certainly deprived of a few executives) is about to evolve, but so far it hasn’t paid off.

“Arrogance only matters when you lose.”

For Austin-Healey, the once versatile three-quarters with a selection of 57 in Rose is sufficient. If England loses in Paris, Eddie Jones has to jump. “It wasn’t easy to reach this conclusion, but why should Eddie Jones continue to work as a manager unless England wins in France or changes significantly?” According to a former Leicester Tigers player “One of the main problems is that Jones always comes up with good excuses. His staff always has complaints, discussions and changes. His staff turnover is very high, in France and Ireland. I don’t think there has always been great quality in this area compared to the staff.

Eddie Jones was down when things smiled at him and his team was doing well: “Arrogance only matters when you lose. If you win, it’s called self-confidence.” A statement returning to him today like a boomeran. Too bad for Australians.

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